Poll: Are Rage Comics good, or are they Satan’s own devil spawn?

Rage comics. Popular internet meme. Iconic imagery. The 17th most popular subreddit.

How do you, the man or woman on the street, feel about them?


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  1. Option number one minus the pretentious speak 😉

    • Nonsense Angelina! We need to engage with all stakeholders on all levels in order to attain the proper synergies required for the optimum attainment levels needed for…for….urrrgh its so hard to maintain such an intensive level of management bollocks for such a long period of time!

  2. I’m still not 100% certain how 4chan got famous. Also, I’m pretty certain that this “Rage Comics” thing would never have taken off if it had originated elsewhere. Then again, I never understood the popularity of the once-unavoidable sprite comics.

    Maybe I just don’t understand the internet.

    • I don’t see a lot as originating at 4chan. It’s like infectious diseases can be traced to entering America at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. There’s just too many people pouring through there everyday so it makes a convenient place for vile things to spread out from, even if stuff like SARS never really originates there.

      • Fair enough. The wikipedia article seemed to think that Rage Comics had started at 4chan, but then again wikipedia isn’t always the most reliable source. Either way, Rage Comics just kinda befuddle me.

        I think that my confusion can be more or less summed up like this:
        If you’re going to go with poorly-drawn comics where you just rant about things, why not at least draw the angry/smarmy/whatever talking heads yourself? A wide variety of people all use the same “Rage Comics” to grind highly personal axes… why use a communal venue, featuring shared art, to put forward your distinctively personal point of view? Wouldn’t it make more sense to express your personal views and feelings through more unique, individual artwork, rather than copying and pasting someone else’s art?

        • Sorry about the overuse of the word “personal.”

        • The entire point of the thing is its communal nature, just like with every other meme. The last panel personifies a general feeling everyone recognizes and has had in certain situations.

          And yes, Rage Comics did get their start at 4chan. It’s where they were first posted, and where people started adding their own content. And the way 4chan got famous was because people who never visit, nor understand it started talking about it. Like you guys are doing right now.

  3. Option 1: Reddit response
    Option 2: Other Reddit response
    Option 3: Indifferent Reddit response
    Option 4: “What is this internet I don’t even…” – Reddit response

    Where’s the Satan’s devil spawn option?

  4. Personally I’ve come to LOATHE the rage comics. In theory it gives people who are otherwise unable to do so the ability to create comics and tell their stories. In practice it lacks any sparkle of creativity. If you draw your own rage comic instead of using the templates, it’ll stand out a lot more (comparatively).

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