Random Quickie: Power Play

I got an email recently from Reilly Brown that Power Play, a comic he illustrates with writer Kurt Christenson, will be making a debut at New York Comic Con next week. I got a chance to see an advanced copy, and I have to say it’s very well done. Young men and women gain superpowers, but rather than learning that with great power come great responsibility, they show off their skills in super parkour and live to get tons of hits on YouTube.

Enter Mac, a full-bodied college-aged slacker who gains his powers the old school way of getting zapped by lightning. Suddenly, he finds out he can take on the properties of any material he touches. So, sorta like the Absorbing Man. He comes into contact with beer, and he starts leaking gallons of yellow fluid. His “friends” quickly see dollar signs in their eyes … and decide that he’s destined for fame and fortune in the Power Play tournament, which is extreme sports for people with superpowers.

Thus far, it’s a fun, lighthearted tale… something like the Archie gang meets TV’s Teen Titans. Some of the hip youth dialogue is kinda corny (“Oh, snap! Tentacle Bitchslap! Bam!”), but that’s part of the charm. The superheroes we meet have interesting designs: one looks a little like Mandrake the Magician, and other is an octopus in a hoodie. Who can hate that? And I admit, I have a fondness for the Ice Queen, a skimpily dressed ice skater with a Schwarzenegger-like vocabulary of cold-based puns.

Power Play is available online only at Comixology, which is currently running a free preview.


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  1. Looks fun! I’ll have to check it out sometime. Thanks for the recommendation, El Santo!

  2. Thanks for the review!

    Glad you mentioned Archie, because my original idea was Archie meets Stan Lee Spider-Man.
    I always wondered why I identified with 1960’s Peter Parker more than any other incarnation. There was something true and simple about him then and we wanted to capture that feeling of when comics weren’t so gritty but angsty in a light-hearted way.

    Just look how much fun Reilly is having on the pages. That’s what I think comics has been missing. Fun.

  3. Oh hey. As I mentioned just a few minutes ago(oh, the marvels of non-linear time that allow me to comment on future posts before I comment on past posts :D), this is a comic I checked out due to your review and I sure am liking.

    …though it oddly only reads in “guided mode” on the iPad. Why is that? I find it a little bothersome that I can’t choose how I prefer to read it… 😐

    Also, I’m Team Gowanus Pete forever! 😀

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