The killer is … webcomics!

You know, the wife and I just sat down and watched last Monday’s episode of Castle. In this one, the suspect is a real-life superhero named Lone Vengeance who commits a pretty gruesome murder. Castle and Beckett track down the inspiration of the costumed vigilante, which is a comic book published by neither Marvel nor DC (though it does, as Castle points out, pick up inspirations from Deadpool to Daredevil to Spider-Man to the Black Panther). It turns out that it’s not published at all… it’s available online (and has something of a fanbase … in story, anyway).

So the killer … is from webcomics?

I’m just kinda stunned that webcomics are now part of police procedurals … and an especially smart one like Castle, which did a pretty good job convincing me that Nathan Fillion was a bonafide geek (which he probably really is).

The four-page prop comic from the episode IS available online, by the way. If you read it, though, you have to promise that you don’t start chopping down people in deserted alleyways.


Posted on September 28, 2011, in The Webcomic Overlook, webcomics. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Youp, I can totally see the Spider-Man inspiration, especially in how well he cuts that L in the guy’s but cheek. :p

    You know, this looks pretty intriguing and I somehow want to see more, also hurray for webcomics in mainstream media.

    Man I really want to go out and cut people up with a Katana now!

  2. Deserted alleyway? Well that’s a pretty reasonably request on your part.

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