How Webcomic Artists Draw Themselves

Lauren Davis of the Storming the Tower blog covered the subject of how webcomic artists draw themselves some time back … and it’s commendably thorough, I should add. Now it’s up to Slacktory, and specifically Justin Hall (creator of hand-drawn Rage Comics on Reddit) to take up the serious business of autobiographical and semi-autobiographical artistic renditions.

How do webcomic characters compare to their real life creators? Let’s find out.

(h/t Comixtalk)


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  1. Whatever happened to Storming the Tower? She just stopped posting one day. Will it ever return?

  2. I had to read that comic three or four times before I realized that he wasn’t showing two different
    webcomic creators in each panel, but was actually including the second drawing as
    what the creators “really” look like.

    I don’t even really think the Penny Arcade guys were drawn that ugly. They didn’t have stink lines or anything!

    Taking actual photographs would’ve sold the bit a lot better.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong here, but I thought Tycho and Gabe were not originally designed to be author avatars? They just sort of… became that because that is what reader expected them to be. I could be wrong though, that was a long-ass time ago in internet years.

    • That’s probably true. I guess the clue is that the names aren’t the same as the real life versions. Then again, I am a horrible person to ask about the history of Penny Arcade, as comments from four years ago prove.

      • Eh, “Piro” and “Largo” have different names as well, but they were clearly meant to be avatars from the start. Although I get the impression that that Fred is moving away from that as he goes on. I guess what I am trying to say (using half-remembered ‘facts’ from the internet stone-age) is that I am inclined to cut these long runners some slack on the idealistic avatar thing since I doubt any of them suspected they would be drawing the same Skinny Teenager Comix ten years down the line. They had no idea what they were doing, really, and stuff just sort of happened.

        That being said, I would be interested to see comparisons of author avatars with actual authors coming from people who should know better. The first How Cartoonists See Themselves was interesting, but mostly full of drawings that were pretty close. I would like to see a far meaner article ripping on peeps who seem to be seeing a bizarro version of themselves when they look in the mirror.

        *sigh* I suppose that would just degenerate into just making fun of people for being ugly though, which is not really that entertaining. Whatever is a girl who loves mean humor but hates cheap shots supposed to do?

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