Webcomic Women Kicking Ass

Amidst all the controversy last week about how the DC reboot has not been very kind to female superheroes, a question was posed on the “DC Women Kicking Ass” blog: “Are there any webcomics that you would recommend?”

The reply:

Hmm … Hark a Vagrant by Kate Beaton, Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks and, of course, Lady Sabre by Greg Rucka and Rick Burnett. Oh and I like Wonderella too.

So there you go: the Webcomic Women Kicking Ass.


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  1. There are a surprising number of great webcomics with good female protagonists.

  2. It’s great to see the DC reboot is off to a fantastic start!

    Here’s an article written in defense of this whole madness, valid points here and there:

    • Just cuz this was written by a lady doesn’t mean it’s got valid points.

      • Never said she had valid points because she was a woman, just that she had valid points here and there.

        By the way, I’m as disappointed in DC as everyone else in this ruckus who just shook their head at the pages, but I figure it’s good to try to see both sides.

        All this noise though has brought a thought onto me, I wish anime and manga fans would be so vocal about the too often poor portrayal of women. I’m sick of this Highschool of the Dead overtop styled fanservice.

  3. I also co-write and draw a Superhero webcomic called “The Jupiter Palladium” with three other lovely ladies that has a primarily female cast. They’re pretty kick-ass.

  4. Gunnerkrigg Court!

    I’m a huge fangirl. 😀

  5. Oh, good stuff! I like this “Superhero Girl” one a lot.

  6. Skin Horse use to be really damn good.

  7. Thanks for linking to this article.

    Para-Ten is a pretty good comic with a female protagonist. And it just finished up, so you can read the complete story here

  8. Well Bernadette Montez does a very good job of introducing bad guys gobs to AK47 barrels. So much so that when they fall the rifle stands up on end! –

  9. Needs more I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space!!! because I like to say that.

  10. All these comments, and no mention of Girl Genius? For shame, people!

  11. Spinnerette, for those who like superhero parody.
    Girls With Slingshots, for those who like slice-of-life with a bit of absurdity.
    Octopus Pie, for those who like slice-of-life with considerable elan.
    Girl Genius has been mentioned, but those who prefer more classical-style science fiction should check out (ahem) Quantum Vibe.

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