The many faces of Moon Over June

Do you like … faces?

Do you like … um … uniquely drawn adult webcomics?

Face aficionados come in all shapes and sizes, but I wager that none are more passionate about faces than readers of adult webcomic Moon Over June. (Not Safe For Work.) That’s why there’s a Not Safe For Work Tumbler called Moon Over June Faces. (motto: “Moon Over June Brought Expertly To Life”). The goal: replicate the facial expressions found in that webcomic as best as you can.


The original:

The expert life reproduction:


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  1. Frightened Guest

    Why would you do that? D:

  2. This webcomic is rather terrifying.

    But the Tumblr is quite amusing! So I’m conflicted.

  3. The fact that this exists makes me very happy.

    The tumblr, that is.

  4. This does not get you out of doing a full Moon Over June review.

  5. It is so disturbing yet so hilarious at the same time. One of the funnier webcomics out there, then again i´m a big fan of the Dreamlanders.

  6. How are there Project Wonderful ads on that site, when their policies are “no adult content?” It is a mystery. I can’t be bothered by the faces since I’ve spent much of my life exposed to JohnK and Kirby and JhonenV, and am jaded to stylized anatomy for the most part

    • On the other hand, attractive characters in even a John K cartoon tend to be easy on the eyes. (Think of that Tenacious D video.)

    • I seen a lot of ads for porno on the mspaint adventures website. All of those ads look like their advertising free badly drawn pornographies.

    • As far as I understand, there is no policy on project wonderful against adult content. They even give you the ability to put a rating on your ad boxes and ads to indicate that they aren’t appropriate for certain age groups. I just think they don’t do “porn sites”. Adult comics are a-okay though.

  7. Okay, am I supposed to be viewing this webcomic on a 40 inch screen? I have a 21 inch screen and this comic won’t fit. I can handle scrolling down to read, I can do side to side; but both? Both sucks. Oh wait, did I say scroll? I can’t actually do that because right and left automatically make me go back and forward.

    Anyways yeah, don’t mind reading sort of explicit stuff but I really can’t get past the first few pages without getting pissed off thanks to that user interface.

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