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A webcomic frequency chart?

From the folks at Slacktory comes this odd little thing: a webcomic frequency chart. The X-axis represents years active, while the Y-axis represents number of strips. Up in the top right corner (most years active, most strips) stands PvP, while newer interlopers, like Rice Boy and Hipster Hitler, are anchoring the lower right left.

I’m… not quite sure what this chart supposed to be telling me. That some comics update more frequently than others? I guess? That no one’s crazy enough to be in the upper left quadrant, because that means putting out something like 3000 strips a year? That for all the faults PvP has, Scott Kurtz at least works hard?

Gary Tyrrell at Fleen (from where I found a link to this chart) offers this conclusion:

My only comment here is that it seems to take the “frequency” part a bit loosely, as lengthy hiatuses and interruptions seem not to have dislodged comics like Achewood and Megatokyo from their original frequencies (approximately five and three days a week, neither of which does so now), nor credited those comics that have upped their frequencies (Girls With Slingshots, say).

It does, however, show how useless averages are, as occasional behemoths (50+ panels in a Diesel Sweeties, say, or a thousands-of-panels Dr Mcninja page really have very little effect on the overall averages. I will pay a dollar to anybody that adds in standard deviation and variances to this chart, and another dollar for skew and kurtosis¹.

Soooo… yeah.

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