Stripped! raises $58K, bigger plans in store

It looks like Stripped!, the documentary in the works about comics and webcomics, met its fundraising goal of $58K in just six days. From Fred Schroeder & Dave Kellett’s Kickstarter site:

This is amazing! With your help, we reached the funding minimum in SIX DAYS! What a huge outpouring of support! We can not thank you enough. And we promise we’re going to do our damnedest to make the best possible film.

Speaking of which, we should mention that we are still accepting pledges. Every dollar pledged will be poured into the film, upping the quality and look of the whole project. We want to make a really special film that you’ll still enjoy decades from now.


1.) SELF-INTEREST! THE DVD PRICE WON’T CHANGE. But by “purchasing” the DVD at the $25-level, now rather than later, it will help us make a better film!
2.) CLOSED CAPTIONING: We want this film to be accessible to everyone! Help us add a closed-captioning option to the DVD. Additional Budget: $2,500
3.) ANIMATIONS: We’d love to hire additional, independent animators to create snippets and shorts to illustrate points of the film. We had already budgeted for a set amount of AfterEffects, but an increased animation budget will give more work to worthy artists, *and* make the film really shine. Additional Budget: $10,000-$30,000
4.) HIGH-FIDELITY SOUND MASTERING: Good films live and die by their sound quality. Listen to an indie film, and you’ll see what we mean. With just a little extra, we can make this film sound world-class. Additional Budget: $4,000-$10,000.
5.) TRAVEL: We’ve lined up additional interviews with folks like Jeannie Schulz, Mike & Jerry of Penny Arcade, and more. But we’d also still love to sit down with Lalo Alcaraz, Keith Knight, Matt Groening, Garry Trudeau, Randall Munroe, Art Speigelman, and others. Additional funding will help make those trips possible for our crew and equipment. Additional budget: $5,000-10,000.
6.) OUR BIG, BIG, BIG IDEA (THAT IS ADMITTEDLY SUPER EXPENSIVE): We have one idea that gets us very excited. We’d like to edit and make available ALL 230 HOURS of the individual interviews as super-cheap downloads on iTunes. These cartoonists shared incredible stories, tips, tricks, and recollections with us, and we’d love them to be enjoyed and preserved for posterity. As we’ve said elsewhere, the 13-year old versions of ourselves would’ve killed to watch all these interviews, so making them available to the world would be a real gift to all who love cartooning. But our gorgeous, high-high-HD camera shoots in 12-minute increments due to data capacity, and sound tracks are recorded separately. What that means is, you can’t just pop these interviews into iMovie and be done with it: Professional editors need to sit down, sync it all up, and clean up the sound. The time and cost to produce them all would be a huge undertaking. Remember: IT’S 230 HOURS OF FILM. But if there’s enough support for the idea, we can make happen! Additional budget: $70,000-80,000

After reading all that, we want to repeat the main, central point of this post: Thank you thank you thank you! YOU DID IT!

Fred & Dave


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  1. Interesting, I had no idea such a thing was in the works. This and Indie Game the movie needs to stop sucking up my money.

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