Too scared to click

Should I talk about that creepy Korean webcomic that’s been making the rounds lately? Pretty much everyone online says it’s legit scary, and I’m man enough to say that if it’s THAT unsettling I hate having that filed away with all the other frightening imagery buried deep in my brain. Tell you what… read the comic and tell me what you think.


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  1. It’s well-done, but the actual images aren’t any worse than in good horror movies. I don’t like horror, but a day later, it hasn’t lodged in my brain at all. The reason it’s arresting is the shock from assumptions about the medium being shattered. I say go for it.

  2. It’s good for a scare, but not enough to make you crap your pants. Definitely should be seen to appreciate this leap forward in the medium.

  3. This will be surpassed, right now it feels about the same as those “look closely” flash things. Still it works and it should be noted that someone did something new that works.

  4. If you don’t, you will keep wondering what it was like and you will never know how much you should trust your readers.

  5. The sad part is that since all links tell you it’s creepy you’re kind of prepared. And since it’s in Korean, linking anyone to it without telling them why they should scroll down isn’t going to work.

    If anyone made a similar page with english text I’d shit myself though.

  6. I found this on tumblr and all people were saying about it was that it was ‘surprising’. Well, it was so damn surprising that I screamed and almost fell off my bed. Scared ME shitless.

  7. The comic was well enough made that it was effective without the animation and sound, which looked like crap in my browser anyway*. Look at it via your iPhone to save yourself the needless bells and whistles.

    *99% of Korean browsers are Internet Explorer 6 so they build sites like Naver to not work properly so they’ll work in IE6.

  8. It’ll surprise you, but it wouldn’t scare you much. I am a total coward who is AFRAID of horror films, but I read it. It was scary, but I laughed it off and slept.

    Remember; imagining what’s so scary about it is scarier than actually experiencing it.

  9. Yipes! Did not expect that!
    Amusing 🙂

  10. It does its thing well, but Tar Frogs is the standard I measure horror comics up against and it measured up short.

  11. It totally scared me, but it’s not the kind of scarey that sticks with you.

  12. Sincerely Tsutsu

    Surprising but not scary. It can in fact look kinda goofy at parts, but I will admit it is rather well made. The language barrier is another problem though, so at first glance you wouldn’t know that the ghost…

  13. I suspect that this would be either scarier or funnier if I could actually read Korean.

    It’s put together in an interesting way, which could really be built up on quite a lot.

  14. I glimpsed then switched tab. It’s an interesting application of Javascript (I’m not completely sure and I’m not going back to check). It seems like sound and animation only appear when youscroll down. I was able to avoid most screamers (not that I look for them) by checking comments, turning off the speakers, etc. BTW: Could anyone in this site read Korean.

  15. really good pacing, I thought.

  16. The artwork is nice, looks like screenshots from a well done and interesting anime.

    Judging by the comments here, there’s supposed to be sound and animation in here, but I see no trace of that, just pictures and Korean text. And I don’t see anything scary in those.

    • You might have problems with your browser. It’s not as scary when it’s not animated.

      You can sort of hear the sounds in the video I posted as a followup.

      • I figured it out, I was scrolling down too fast, so I saw the shock moments in their individual frames as images.
        It’s kind of surprising and a bit of a jump scare, but it did not scare me as much as I hoped. Maybe because I saw the pictures before, I’ll try one of the other comics the user has uploaded.

        • I have to say the concept is cool, but untill now I haven’t found another one that uses this new format as good as the one you posted here.
          But the stuff is cool and interesting, I wish there where good translations of the comics at that site, there’s one with a little boy who lays a smackdown on a ghost just as it’s about to kill him awesome!

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