Raise money to get Stripped

Stripped, a documentary about webcomics by Fred Schroeder and Sheldon’s Dave Kellett, has wrapped up the interview portion of their journey and is now looking to go to the post-production. The team has put up a Kickstarter to raise $58K, and it looks like they’re halfway there.

From the Kickstarter site:

Hi, fellow comics fans! We’re Dave Kellett & Fred Schroeder, creators of the comics documentary STRIPPED. This film is our love-letter to the art form: Bringing together 60 of the world’s best cartoonists into one extraordinary, feature-length documentary. The film sits down with creators to talk about how cartooning works, why it’s so loved, and how as artists they’re navigating this dicey period between print and digital options…when neither path works perfectly. We want this film to capture the extraordinary people behind the comics you love, to show how they work…and ask the question: “Where does the art form go from here?”

Set to an *original* score by Stefan Lessard of “Dave Matthews Band,” this should be a really special film. It’s been a two-year labor-of-love for us, and we can not wait for you to see it. But the post-production phase is the super expensive phase…and we need your help to finish it.


Your support will help with all the post-production expenses, including:

* Editing
* Special Effects and Animation
* Sound Mixing
* Color Timing

We have a lot of incredibly talented Hollywood professionals who believe in the film, and as a result are discounting their rates to help us complete it, but it’s still an expensive process. With your financial support, though, a really special film can be brought to life.

Thanks for spreading the word, and for your donations. That means the world to us!

– Fred & Dave

The site includes some tasty screengrabs of some of the interviewees, including Jim Davis, Stephan Pastis, Scott McCloud, Kate Beaton, Ryan North, Jeff Smith, David Malki, KC Green, Meredith Gran, and Bill Griffith. That is one heck of an impressive line-up. I’ve always been a fan of preserving the current history of comics, especially as it’s transitioning to the digital medium, and this may end up being one of the more important records for future reference.

(h/t Comics Alliance)


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  1. Really you just need a few thousand dollars for the right hardware and software to be able to do what they say they want to do. They must be renting out an editing suite and that’s why the cost is so high. Though if that’s the case I wish they were more specific in the details.

    • I guessing some of it is going to pay the salary of someone who knows how to use that software well. That’s what I take away from the “Hollywood professionals” line. I’m guessing they want the final product to look more like Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and less like Mr. Brainwash’s in-film version of “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”

      • That’s what I meant by “renting an editing suite.” Normally you rent the suite and an editor sits there and works on the project doing whatever it is you tell them to do. In the DC/Baltimore area it will cost you on average $400 an hour or a flat rate of $2,000 for a day.

        Of course maybe they are paying someone a flat rate to come on board as an editor. …I don’t know and I wish they were more clear on where the money is going.

  2. I sent them a message and they replied back, but it didn’t really answer anything:

    Hi Scott:

    It’s the truth of professional movie-making that it’s an expensive, expensive process. If we were making a YouTube video using iMovie, you’re right: All we’d need is the system.

    It’s akin to buying a bike: Sure, buying a $150 bike will “do the same thing” in terms of transport…but no, what you really need is a $25,000 car.


    • I guess they’re being intentionally vague since they probably have a basic outline of what they want to do, but haven’t signed anyone on yet until they know they have the funds.

      Thanks for checking up on this, though! I was thinking of sending an email to Mr. Kellett myself, and it looks like you did the heavy lifting. 🙂

  3. I don’t mind the high price. If I get a dvd about comics, and the future of cartooning, that is reward enough. This isn’t like the womanthology thing, where they’re hiding away funds for future projects and overestimating things. Dave knows people who work for actual hollywood films, and he probably got estimates from them. I say it’s fine. This movie should have the best of the best! You know why? Because the topic is freaking AWESOME.

  4. Wow! I was thinking about filming an advertising/ propaganda piece about me and my friends as well. Now that I know there’s a market for it, may I’ll move ahead with the project…

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