Finally, someone gives Kate Beaton an award

Despite rampant fears (on this site anyway) that The Gutters was going to sweep every category at the Harveys like the frightening blob-creature that Tetsuo morphed into at the end of Akira, it turns out that there was a golden lining to the Baltimore Comic Con after all. Namely, that someone FINALLY gave Kate Beaton an award for Hark A Vagrant! Ms. Beaton went home with the award for Best Online Work, beating out the Eisner-nominated Guns of Shadow Valley; former Zuda Comic La Morte Sisters; last year’s winner PVP; and, yes, The Gutters.

The Gutters, in fact, did not win any awards, which gives me a little smidgen of hope that comic book fans aren’t so blind to recognizing actual humor.

Ms. Beaton was apparently attending the wedding and couldn’t stop by the lovely city of Baltimore. The emcee, PVP‘s Scott Kurtz, informed of her win via twitter, which seemed to make Ms. Beaton pretty darned happy.

The Webcomic Overlook would like to congratulate Ms. Beaton. May this be the first of many awards that you may accumulate, like the scattered Neo-Tokyo detritus that Giant Tetsuo absorbed into his massive skin folds.

(Note: header image replaced with a Kate Beaton comic of less questionable vinatage.)


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  1. Kate Beaton proves that a truly niche comic can rise to the friggin’ stars. Being that she was recommended by my sister I didn’t trust her and wanted to dislike her. Didn’t happen.

  2. I don’t get some of the references in ‘Hark A Vagrant!’ but it still manage to be funny by being silly.

  3. Miss Beaton’s work and award are one of the best things to happen to webcomics.

  4. The Gutters is to El Santo what Dominic Deegan was to John Solomon

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