The Trenches Begins

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been pretty busy up here in real life. A friend of mine was in the hospital, we’ve been helping take care of her kids and her mom, things at work have hit the wall, I’ve been training a little for a 200-mile cycling run … and, let’s face it, it’s Season Finale time at USA Network. Will Peter ever trust Neal again after the latest twist to the plot about the stolen U-Boat treasure? The mind boggles.

Which means I haven’t had that much time to read up on webcomics or check up on the latest going-ons. Good thing though that the readers have been keeping me honest! Algeya gave a bit of a low-down in the comments section, and perhaps the most interesting (to me, anyway) was that The Trenches finally debuted. This is, what I imagine, a gamer-centric comic created by long time webcomic creators Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins, and Scott Kurtz. All these guys have been running their successful webcomics (Penny Arcade and PvP) since 1998. While the devotion to their comics should be applauded, I also that theses guys appreciate the fresh start that The Trenches represents.

Thus far, The Trenches seems to be following a more mature take on the genre. (Description in the New Readers tab: “The Trenches documents the tribulations of software testing with the precision tools of ‘the office comedy.'”) Sure, it’s only two strips in. Odds are, though, that we’re not going to see some dude displaying his latent psychic ability. Inserting a random troll at some point in the comic is still up for grabs, though.


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  1. I guess this is part of the ageing process for Krahulik & Holkins, never been much of a PVP fan but when I got into the latest generation of consoles I started enjoying PA and went back through the archives. It’s early days yet & I’m not really sure how the ‘gaming’ meshes with an assumed cubicle hellhole/IT industry mash-up. Still I’m willing to read it based on the pedigrees of the creators

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