Metapost: Heads up

Just a heads up: I had been totally been expecting to go on an overseas business trip this week. It’s since been canceled. However, I’d been preparing to go all week long, which meant I didn’t have time to read any webcomics. (Got all the time in the world now though. Rrrrrrr….)

That’s not to say there will be a review up at some point. It will be in a slightly different format than you’re used to, though.

But really, I just wanted to try out this nifty new “Status”-type post.


Posted on July 25, 2011, in metapost, The Webcomic Overlook. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Different format? Does that mean you are finally branching into doing webcomic reviews in a webcomic format?

    • Pfah, not that drastic.

      I’m going to be reviewing a story arc rather than the entire webcomic. Mainly because my next review is of a webcomic that has been going for 14 years, and my brain is having a hard time trying to effectively summarize the entire run in 2,000 words. So, rather, I’m just going to look at one story arc.

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