The Webcomic Overlook is 4 years young!

On this day, July 24, 2007, a bored blogger with way too much time on his hands started writing about webcomics. At around the same time (three days earlier than this blog, in fact), Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows was released.

Four years later, I’m still blogging about webcomics. Meanwhile, Deathly Hollows, the book, became the fastest selling book in history, and, a week ago, the movie broke records everywhere — including the worldwide record opening weekend numbers.

There’s a lesson here.

This site clearly needs more witches.

So while I’m hard at work infusing this blog with the unspeakable powers of the occult, I’d like to give big props to all readers of The Webcomic Overlook. According to WordPress, this site averages around 2,000 readers a day… and a good number of you, I’m guessing aren’t spam!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re here because you came to defend drawings of Powerpuff Girls as jailbait or whether you legitimately wanted recommendations of good webcomics. I’m just glad you dropped by. Otherwise, I would’ve … I don’t know … done long form video reviews of the Star Wars prequels using a serial killer gimmick or yelling about cartoons I watched as a kid while waving a pistol around. But that would never catch on.

What does the future of the Webcomic Overlook hold?

Will I finally figure out what in the heck Sluggy Freelance means?

Or maybe I’ll finally lose my will to live and write a review of Least I Could Do?

Will this blog somehow transform into lengthy dissertations of WWII aircraft nose art so subtly that you fail to notice the change?

Will I abandon all of this to start doing a video blog about retro video games and laughing at all the primitive 16-bit graphics?

Will I start blogging … from the Moon?

Will my new mastery of wicked voodoo magic turn all of you reading this very post into my unwitting army of horror? … (No?)

Only time will tell, my friends. Only time will tell.


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  1. I think the best way to do a review of LiCD is not to go through the entire archive, but rather to select a few key points of Misogyny, stupidity, etc. and pick, say, twenty comics at random and use them to bolster the points about how dang DUMB it is.

    • This. is. gold.
      It doesn’t even have to be here. We should just make a script that randomly serves a few out of context LiCD strips along with some excellent parody pairing that escapes my imagination just now.

  2. Hi. I’m wondering, re Google + and webcomics: There seems to be much controversy about using real names on G+. What happens to webcomic creators like myself who publish under a pseudonym, but would still like to be on G+ ?

  3. What caused the boost on June 4, 2011?

  4. Congrats! Keep fighting the good fight.

  5. Happy 4th Birthday Webcomic Overlook! I look forward to many upcoming reviews of semi-naked women next to propeller shafts.

  6. Is there a need for an LICD review, really? I think the review of the other two Sohmer projects sums it up nicely. I don’t know how you’d get around at least a three part review, with the three artists, if you were trying to be thorough.

    It’s pretty easy to one shot – It’s fairly trite and if you read a week’s worth, you’ve read them all.

  7. Congratulations Señor El Santo! Looking forward to another year of fun articles, reviews and debates.

  8. Yay! Congrats all around. ❤ Thank-you for many entertaining reviews~

  9. I came for the one-star reviews, I stayed for the comics recs. I’ve found a lot of fantastic webcomics through reading this blog (Lackadaisy, Zahra’s Paradise, Gastrophobia, Edgar Allan Poo, Max Overacts…) that I know I’d never have stumbled across left to myself. Thanks for all the awesome reviews!

  10. Four years later, I’m still blogging about webcomics.

    Congrats on still coming across as sane.

  11. Yes! Blog from the moon

    Congrats on four years, El Santo.

  12. I haven’t been reading since the beginning, and I must admit I came to this site on the lure of a bad webcomic review, but I stayed for the excellent writing. You’ve got an excellent ability to really capture the essence of the comics your review while keeping the whole thing very entertaining.

    Congrats! Here’s to future reviews!

  13. I too came for the bad reviews, but it turned out you wrote so well about the good ones! Webcomic Overlook has been one of my regular stops since I found it!

  14. dungeonmaster11

    Congrats, El Santo! I’ve been a regular reader since I stumbled across your refreshingly positive review of Megatokyo over two years ago, and have been a regular reader since. You’ve pointed me in the direction of some really awesome webcomics, made me laugh/rage at the badness of others (and again, THANK YOU for accepting my request to review Marilith!), piqued my curiosity with interesting articles on other things, and replied to my and others comments with admirable geniality and good humor, among much else (though you never did give me a grade on my theory about Raine Dog’s possible message). And even though I do disagree with you on some things (the 4th season of The Venture Brothers, DBZ/Naruto/Bleach/One Piece/many other manga/anime, VG Cats, Raven’s Dojo, and so on), you’ve always seemed really mellow/nice about agreeing to disagree. In short, you’re one helluva guy, El Santo, and I look forward to what the future holds for The Webcomic Overlook!

  15. Congrats!

    Don’t do a LICD review. Maybe a one-hot at the most, but not a full review. It could kill you!

  16. Lena (But not that one)

    I’m glad to be one of your readers! The sheer amount of thought you put into each review makes them a form of entertainment in themselves. I much appreciate your writing and thoughts- even though I don’t agree with everything, you put forth your thoughts so perfectly that I can understand your point of view, even if it’s different from mine!
    That’s a rare and commendable thing on the internet. :3

    Hell, even discussions in the comments are so good that I have hope for the future of humanity!

    Keep being awesome.

  17. Yayyyy!!!!!

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