Who wins the Eisner Best Digital Comic Award this year?

Alright, San Diego Comic-Con is upon us! On July 22, the Eisner Awards get handed out, including a heated battle for Best Digital Comic. I’ve already processed my predictions through the SugarShock-o-meter, but now I leave it up to you, the Webcomic Overlook readers.

Who walks away with the award this Friday, Friday, Gettin’ down on Friday, Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend…

(Ahem… sorry. Got Rebecca Black stuck in my head for a while.)


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  1. Lackadaisy, it’s so much more lush than any of the competitors.

  2. gutters obvious……… its the only super heroe webcomic in the nominations

  3. No “Hark a Vagrant?”

  4. I read through most of the archive for The Gutters. I have to say…I didn’t actually laugh once. The art is great! Great quality and everything, but given the choices, if TACC doesn’t win, I’m losing faith in these awards. The art is amazing, the story is captivating, and the characters actually demand the emotioal attachment of the reader; even the arbitrary side ones. There’s just…more there. It’s a juicy steak to the Gutters’ cheeseburger. Not a bad thing by definition; sometimes a cheeseburger is good for a cheap fix. I just have never had a cheeseburger that has been nearly as satisfying as a tender juicy steak.

    Anyway, Ratfist didn’t even get a mention, so whatever. I’d vote for that one over all but maaaaybe TACC.

  5. It has to be ACC or Lackadaisy!

  6. It will probably be ACC if it is weighted by industry voters, but Lackadaisy is also very deserving.

  7. Been reading Gutters since the beginning, but more out of habit. None of Sohmer’s work deserves much in the way of creative accolades. But it’s all been said before.

    Just read through Charles Christopher yesterday. Pretty good, but I dig Max Overacts the best. Of course, I ought to give a few others a read.

    What’s fun is the amount of new readers the nominations will bring to these folks.

  8. BARBARIAN will win.

    See how awesome it is?
    How could it not win?

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