And now our Alliance comes to an end

Ryan Estrada sent me an email the other day to tell me that his webcomic, Aki Alliance, has finally concluded! I reviewed this one back in November of 2007. It’s been on hiatus several times, and its sporadic update schedule made me wonder if I’d ever see the finished product. (The premise, that a young woman named Aki is on a mission to make friends with all the girls in school, does have finite limitations that sorta demand a fixed conclusion.) So it brings a smile to my face to know that all 200 pages are finally completed! Check out the very kid friendly comic at Ryan Estrada’s site.


Posted on July 4, 2011, in The Webcomic Overlook, webcomics. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Ah, Aki Alliance. I remember reading the partial archives back in ~2008 and wanting more of it. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the completed comic. 🙂

  2. is perhaps best known for his prolific webcomic guest strips but hes back with a webcomic of his own a daily webcomic about supervillains who simply arent very good at their jobs.Estrada has provided for other creators comics over the years as well as creating his own strips and .

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