So after the system got hacked, the Playstation Network got up and running this week. Webcomics were quick to jump on the action! And somehow… two of them arrived at exactly the same joke.


Dueling Analogs

It… really wasn’t that funny of a joke, guys.


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  1. Wow. It really wasn’t. Also, that Tim Buckley guy can’t write even remotely convincing biblical prose.

  2. Great hacks think alike, I suppose.

  3. More slop for the trough i guess.

  4. Aww I thought it was sort of funny.

  5. I miss the times when Pvp, penny arcade and CAD did they jokes on the same day about the same topic (Last I think it was when the first BAYformers movie came out)

  6. Two unfunny strips try the same lame joke. Give me a second to suppress my surprise.

    Do you think you’ll ever review Dueling Analogs Santo?

    • I’d considered it. Oddly, I think some of the recent ones aren’t that terrible. But maybe that’s because the Final Fantasy Blitzball strip was one of the absolute nadirs of webcomics, and there was no way to go but up.

  7. I would also be interested in seeing a review of Dueling Analogs, especially if it involved anything about the comic changing and evolving (which always makes for pretty interesting reviews).

    About the comic itself, as a somewhat religious guy, I’m not thrilled with the allegorical content comparing the PSN’s downtime to the Crucifixion, but I can cut the strips some slack for stumbling upon the same joke. It definitely happens when you’re working with the same material, and I’ve done that mistake before, myself!

  8. Wait… there are webcomics with gamer jokes? How could such a thing happen in what is surely a tiny niche within a niche?

  9. Frankly, I would argue that this isn’t even a joke at all.

  10. Wow it’s like watching both side of the same coin. Except both sides results in you being punched in the face.

    I honestly believe that Dueling Analogs is the worst of the two but not by much.

  11. “It’s” cross.

    • Aw. Someone else noticed that? I was looking forward to picking on typos that weren’t El Santo’s.

  12. I only wonder if Buckley actually believed anonymous had much to do with the PSN being down or if to him all hackers = Guy Fawkes masks. Or could he just not resist a literal interpretation of anonymous’ “we are legion” line.

    All I know is when I saw that CAD strip the first time I felt like throwing up or laying face down in the dirt for an hour were both much more pleasing activities than reading more than the first panel.

  13. Seriously guys? Easter was like two months ago.

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