Don’t call it a comeback

F Chords is back. Now more frequently than ever.

From Kris Straub:

A lot of people said that F Chords was written closest to my sense of humor, when I wasn’t trying to be dumb (chainsawsuit) or highbrow (Starslip). So it was disappointing to have to stop it.

But let’s not talk of such things! Those days have gone. Start at the beginning, or return with Ash and Wade now, a little older than when we saw them last, back in the quaint old year of 2009.

Oh, I mentioned it being twice-weekly. That was back then. It’s now here Monday through Friday, five days a week. See you tomorrow!


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  1. It was a good comic but I tended to get it confused with the one that starred the guy with the chicken waddle and the round glasses. That one had a DJ gerbil that gave horrible advice, Worf fixing his toaster and if memory served a strip abut the movie Sunshine. I would actually stop reading Straub’s half way through the archive because I realized it was the wrong comic. It was as a stated previously a good comic, just aesthetically similar to a comic I half remember. The humor in Straub’s was actually really grounded.

  2. “You know that one movie, the one with the guy who’s drinking a lot of wine and has these long conversations — something about a car trip. It’s not Sideways, I know it sounds exactly like it, but it’s got this huge black guy in it. And political intrigue, I remember the UN building figuring into it. I think I saw it in college which would have been like 1999 if that’s any help. Anyway, this strip kind of reminds of not that movie specifically, but that director’s work when he does that type of screenplay. I still haven’t read most of it tbh.” – Endorsement

    On another note, I have to say that your review of F Chords way back when was more than kind and did provide me with an extra boost to come back to it. For some reason the strip is very polarizing, and my existing fans either love its voice or think it’s terrible. F Chords is about as close as you can get to being friends with me and having a conversation.

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