Metapost: I’m back!

I’m back!  And with a new mask.

The awesome thing about taking a vacation where there’s a strong Latino community is that there are vendors hawking super-cheap luchador masks everywhere.  Though I’m a little disappointed that 80% of their stock seems to be Rey Mysterio now, with 15% being Nacho Libre.  Heck, when I came home, my brother-in-law was all, “Why didn’t you get a Nacho Libre mask?”  Oh, but my rage was straining to be contained that day.

So, of course, I came home with a brand new mask for my collection. One that will HOPEFULLY get people to stop going, “Hey, how come you by El Santo and you wear a Blue Demon mask?  SO… although I may not be the only El Santo posting on the internet, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one posting with an El Santo mask.

Now all I gotta do is modify the illustrations in my banners and headers. Sigh… I just redid those, too.

But back to the reviews!  While I did have a couple comics I was going to tackle before the break, they’re going to have to take a backseat to another Webcomic Overlook tradition: reviews of all the Eisner nominees, run them through the patented Sugarshock-o-meter (currently batting at 0.667), and predicting this year’s winner.  Fortunately, I already reviewed two of them: The Abominable Charles Christopher and Lackadaisy. Only three to go!  

Even if I don’t get the winner right, reading through all the comics has been incredibly rewarding. Last year, I uncovered a wonderful gem in Bayou, which I felt was the best comic out of the bunch. Sadly, most readers of the Webcomic Overlook can no longer read this comic for free now that Zuda has up and folded.  Still, without the Eisners, would most of us have even heard of Bayou? Or even Bodyworld?

Anyway, glad to see y’all again, and thanks for sticking around in time to get down to serious business. The serious business of webcomics.


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  1. Hiiiipssssssssssssster!

  2. I know Mysterio’s super popular and everything, but there are at least five luchador masks I’d rather have than his. Is the state of lucha really that dire? Is it really too much to ask for a Villano mask, a La Parka mask, or an Ultimo Guerrero mask?

  3. On a more positive note, your new El (Hijo del?) Santo mask is awesome, and its good your mask matches your name now, I like the symmetry.

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