Metapost: Spring Break Adventura Fantastica!

Long times readers know that the Webcomic Overlook usually goes dark this month for Spring Break, and this year is no different. As I head out of town to parts unknown, the blog follows suit: few updates, if any, next month. This should give me enough time to catch up on a couple of webcomics I’d planned to review, but had fairly long archives.

So, for your reading pleasure while I’m out, here’s a few webcomic review sites that might interest you:

  • After a bit of a hiatus, Zhi is back reviewing webcomics.
  • John Allie is doing some webcomic reviews, too, at Circuit Reader.
  • Don’t forget the webcomic tag at io9, which includes frequent contributions by Storming The Tower‘s Lauren Davis.
  • Born from the ashes of xkcd sucks is, where the target has expanded to video game comics and there’s a legit interview with good webcomic creators every now and then. Wait… their tagline is “We’re serious about comics.” COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!
  • Finally, find out which webcomics are cool at The Cool Web Comic List.

And there’s also a bunch of links I have posted on the right side of the main page. Happy webcomic reading!

One more thing I’d like to share: a couple of months ago, Borden on the Something Awful Comic Strip Thread put together an amazing video consisting of a bunch of animated gifs he made. The result is a dance party consisting of many representatives of the US newspaper comic scene… though technically James Kochalka’s American Elf, Lily and Bud from Oh, Brother!, and Weapon Brown are techically webcomics with strong newspaper comic ties.

It basically all started with an edit of the Spider-Man newspaper comic strip, where Wolverine stands in the back while Spidey prances around. The video went on to include a lot of running gags introduced in the thread. (Wondering why the mom from Family Circus is dancing half-naked? It stems from a running gag about how a skimply dressed Thel Keane would be the only way to ever make Family Circus interesting.) Even if you don’t know the in-jokes, the video is still very funny and very catchy.

Do I wish someone would do something like this for webcomics? Do you even have to ask?

Catch up with y’all later in a month!


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  1. Hey ES! Thanks for the shout-out, but my name is John Allie, not John Wallie… as you can imagine, you are not the first person to make that mistake, though. I should really buy a better URL. (The W is my middle initial.)
    Have a nice break and we’ll see you again soon!

    • My apologies! Fixed!

      (Probably a big no-no to do this whilst on vacation. Probably a bigger no-no to do this sneaking online while my wife is reading a bedtime story to our friend’s little girl.)

  2. Enjoy your break.

  3. enjoy your break man, you’ve been on fire lately and thanks for the links. Hopefully the the webcomics. me guy will take this chance to drop his downright creepy obsessive behavior and- oh god thats one fugly site.

  4. Ya te merecías un buen descanso El Santo, que pases unas fantásticas vacaciones con la familia y aquí estaremos listos para la nueva temporada. 🙂

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