One Punch Reviews #43: Space Avalanche

There used to be a time that whenever you ran into a Star Trek gag, it had to do with the original series. Why not? While the show took itself incredibly seriously, it had that ineffable 1960’s cheesiness that was so easy to make fun of. There were the redshirt jokes (which made it into the recent movie). There were gags about the transporter malfunctions. Kirk’s womanizing ways. Clint Howard as that weird baby alien. Heck, the official (and very funky) commercials for the Star Trek DVDs made fun of how they used the exact same footage for each planet the crew visited.

Lately, though, the nostalgia has started to shift toward its heralded progeny, Star Trek: The Next Generation. There was a time when most fans would think that TNG was far too stuffy a show to milk any humor out of it. Oh, but how time makes a fool of us all. After almost 25 years, what once looked cool in your childhood youth now looks hilariously cheesy through older eyes. Our beloved bridge now looks less like the nerve center of a Federation flagship and more like the local Lenscrafters. It’s TNG that becomes one of the recurring themes in Eoin Ryan’s webcomic, Space Avalanche.

Now, Space Avalanche is not all about TNG. Heavens, no! Sometimes, it’s about Batman… particularly the Christopher Nolan variety. It looks like David Willis was right: Batman IS comedy gold. But yeah, it’s not all all Batman and TNG. Sometimes its about more recent pop culture offerings. Other times, it’s about a not-too-indepth rumination on religion. Or maybe it’s about animals. It’s your basic webcomic humor bouillabaisse, sharing the same DNA as Buttersafe and Fatawesome.

There are times when I swear I’d seen a very similar setup on Family Guy (but with all that pesky Peter Griffin lead-in out of the way). However, Space Avalanche is, more often than not, clever enough with the basic “random gags” formula to get a chuckle out of me. It’s not Perry Bible Fellowship, but several strips have the same sense of fatalistic humor and timing that make you think for a beat before the joke jumps out at you. (It even has fun with our preconceived, PBF-fueled notion that each strip has an ironic, twisted ending.) And, as unpolished as the art looks some time I have to hand it to Mr. Ryan: he’s quite good at getting the facial expressions of his characters just right.

Besides, who knew that the image of Luke Skywalker squatting to poop was just what I needed to make me smile today?


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  1. Was there something to the strip you posted that I just don’t get or was it really just an extended “number one” pun?

    • It was more the silliness of Luke dropping poop all over the ship and how Chewie (despite being the trusted second in command) is automatically fingered as the culprit. Believe it or not, I’m actually going to go more indepth into the strip in the next review I’m posting, which should be up tomorrow. It will be part two of my thesis on webcomic poop jokes.

    • Oh, wait! You meant the ST: TNG joke! Basically, Riker needs to use the toilet (that’s why he’s looking at the bathroom door), but he can’t leave the chair in the middle of an important conference. So he programs the teleporter to instantly teleport his poop from his bowels to the toilet.

      It is a decent poop joke, mainly because Space Avalanche is being so sly about everything. However, it will not be discussed tomorrow in my thesis on webcomic poop jokes.

      • this comic recapitulates my conclusions about how first-season TNG crew dealt with bathroom issues while wearing those one-piece uniforms.

        they never did get any pockets, though.

  2. You always give a lot of stars to star trek, space opera style webcomics.
    not complaining just pointing at it

    • Not gonna lie to you, I did treat (if that’s the right word) myself to a marathon of “Star Trek: Voyager” episodes this weekend. Sure, they were all from the Star Trek: Borg Collective DVD set and included some of the more tolerable Voyager episodes … but point noted!

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