Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Get yourself some corned beef and cabbage and lots of green beer!

And now a short Know Thy History: the gal pictured above is a Marvel superheroine named Shamrock. Her alter-ego is Molly Fitzgerald, a redhead whose base of operations is in Dublin, Ireland. She’s the daughter of a militant member of the IRA. Her superpower is “good luck” (a.k.a. “The Luck of the Irish”).

She may be the most stereotypically Irish superhero EVER.

(Apologies to Banshee. Look buddy, that fancy pipe doesn’t forgive the fact that you took on a girly superhero name.)


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  1. Shameless plug:
    We introduced St. Patrick’s Day (the character) today in “Holiday Wars”/

    Also… totally have corned beef in the crock pot for dinner tonight!

  2. Molly Fitzgerald retired from super-heroing to open a hair saloon for the capes set in New York. Because everyone in the Marvel universe eventually moves to New York…

    Oh and her “luck” powers turned out to be her being haunted by all her ancestors who would use their ghost powers to make her seem lucky…

    • You know, for some reason I think that Ms. Fitzgerald would fit right in with the Great Lakes Avengers. Lord knows they need a hair dresser: Squirrel Girl’s mop is starting to get unruly.

  3. Is she also a drunk?

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