Eagle Awards voting is open

The Eagle Awards voting is open as of today! According to the Eagle Awards site:

INTRODUCED in 1976, the Eagles are the comics industry’s longest established awards. Acknowledged as the pre-eminent international prizes, they have been featured on the covers of leading US and UK titles across the last 30 years.

Of course, the Eagle Awards are more international than that. There is a separate category for “Favorite European Book,” as well as the presence of several prominent Canadian comic book creators, as proven by both the multiple nominations scored by Bryan Lee O’Malley and the presence of one of the nominees in the “Favorite Web-based comic” award:

Favorite Web-based comic
Hark! A Vagrant! by Kate Beaton
Freak Angels by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield
Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques
Axe Cop by Malachai and Ethan Nicolle by Randall Munroe

As this is one of those “voting is open to the public” type of deals, I imagine xkcd is more or less taking this one home. Or… is it? You are the judges, and the fates of the nominees rest in your hands, comic reading public.

(h/t Robot 6)


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  1. I think QC deserves it more, Freak Angels is more like a clearing house for a decent print strip, Hark is too sketchy (erratic) and the other 2 strips bore me. QC has consistency on its side.

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