Random Quickies: F*ck Yeah Headlines

Back in 2007, Strong Bad memorably made fun of webcomics, including one sort where you just “ask for input from your viewers and rip that off for content. Pfff. What a cop-out.” The Cheat then makes comics based on spam e-mail names the readers send him. (ex: Knowingest J. Drawbridges.)

Weirdly, that’s the first thing that came to mind when I viewed Eric Wedlum’s F*ck Yeah Headlines, which takes newspaper headlines and makes a comic out of them. Like “Australian Brewery Invents ‘Space Beer’” shows and astronaut getting drunk with aliens. It’s really, really corny … but in a way, it’s like a better drawn version of the comics the Cheat was making fun of, and it makes me feel rather nostalgic of webcomics past.

Wait. Is it possible to get nostalgic about something from only four years ago?


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  1. You are aware of its true referent, , right?

    • I didn’t know that! I actually thought that it was a general blanket statement (I did once run into a webcomic whose whole purpose was illustrating palindromes), so it’s kinda nifty that there seems to be a common source out there.

      EDIT: I must thank you for that link, but I fear that I shall be spending all day rifling through the archives now.

  2. It’s not weird to think of that strongbad email before anything else. I’d be surprised if you didn’t.

    Ok, something you might want to check out that I just found out five seconds ago: Doctor Mcninja creator Christopher Hastings is doing a Deadpool comic.

    • Wow. I never considered that Dr. McNinja and Deadpool were similar characters before, but now that the connection has been made, I can’t NOT see the similarities.

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