Deadpool to get the McNinja treatment

As mentioned by Grey in the comments section, Marvel’s Deadpool — a character created by Rob Liefeld, played by Ryan Reynolds in the Wolverine movie and perhaps the world’s most overexposed Deathstroke the Terminator clone in history — is going to be written by Chris Hastings (The Adventures of Dr. McNinja) in Fear Itself: Deadpool. Given that Deadpool is a rather wacky assassin who typically breaks the fourth wall, I gotta say that putting Chris Hastings on a Deadpool story makes so much sense it hurts.


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  1. You forgot to mention, one of the most overused characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 online matches. Right behind Dante and Sentinel.

    Why am I not surprised that Leifeld came up with Deadpool. It surprises me that Leifeld hasn’t been sued more often for just blatantly ripping off characters looks. Didn’t he also come up with a Captain America ripoff?

  2. This may actually give me a reason to read a Deadpool comic. I hate the character, I dislike the creator, but given the nature of Hastings work with McNinja, he may give it some credibility.

    • Credibility doesn’t seem to be the proper word regarding Hastings or Deadpool. What Hastings brings to the party is ball to the wall high grade internet learned absurdity. And I welcome it.

  3. Despite the fact that he is overused nowadays (actually, ‘overused’ is still too subtle of a word), Deadpool can be ridiculously entertaining if done right (referring to Gail Simone’s run on his character would be quite a nice example). The problem is that he isn’t a very easy character to write.

    (I think the trick is probably to make the humor dark or darkly silly as well as to acknowledge a certain tragic factor in his crazy life. Also help to balance him out with a character who can hold him back from going too far with his over the top shtick. Way easier said than done. One of my certain guilty pleasure is ‘Deadpool MAX’ which combines all of that to a certain degree.)

    Although I do enjoy McNinja quite a bit, and I also see how he seems like a suitable choice for a creator, I will reserve my opinion of whether this is a good happening for when the book comes out.

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