Praising Bob Weber Jr. and Jay Stephens when praise is due…

Yesterday, I had to teach a small class of 6- to 8-year old kids the basics of art. While, at the end, I decided to hold off on the lecture about two-point perspective, I did teach them a couple of lesson a la the Oh, Brother! webcomic. Lessons like how to start with a stick figure and how to end up with the character of Lily. And how to draw a baby elephant, a raccoon, and an ape using the handy step-by-step guides that populate Bob Weber Jr.’s Comics For Kids section of the newspaper. It went over a lot better than the landscapes I had then drawing earlier in my lesson. So big thanks to both Bob Weber Jr. and Jay Stephens for always helping kids to discover the magic and fun of drawing!


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  1. Glad the drawings helped! I always enjoy doing those school and library presentations for kids!

    • I teach a class of exceptional education students, and your Skylock Fox comics are great for critical thinking activities that I can use to introduce other science and math lessons. How can I get a collection of your comics without waiting to save them once a week from my Sunday newspaper? The card game status is that doesn’t know if or when they will have more.


  3. Your Spot six differences today has 7 differences.

    • This week (November 6) there is also a seventh difference. I use the puzzle to convince myself that my vision is still good enough, so I take it very seriously. But I stop at six differences. When there is a seventh difference not listed in the solution, that throws me off. Otherwise, I really appreciate the feature and look forward to it every week. Keep it up Mr. Weber, but account for every difference.

  4. Your spot six differences between the two panels in the Washington Post – Sunday, September 2, 2012 has seven differences between the two panels. wheel, grill leg, dog’s tail, dust cloud, hot dog, man’s mouth, grass clump almost directly in front of the rabbit.

  5. Yep, James! You are correct. Looks like someone trimmed the lawn when I wasn’t looking!

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