Miss Tease, a webcomic tease

Oh, man, I’m apparently being read by burlesque performers who do webcomics. (Which is pretty fantastic, when I stop to think about it.) Frankie Tease, who does Tease Time Comics alongside David Herrick, did an interview with The Examiner, and she namedropped The Webcomic Overlook alongside far more respectible sites like Dinosaur Comics and Achewood. Thanks, Frankie!

As for Tease Time Comics, I’ll let Frankie describe it:

Originally I had the idea for a slightly suggestive pin-up kitchy cheesecake photo comic with captions. I secured and published this taking photos myself, and writing funny captions. There was no story and I abandoned the idea when I realized this idea needed to be manifested with much more depth and respect. I wanted a vintage feel to the comic, and this year I met the right person to manifest the original Tease Time Comics vision with beautiful style and lines in tribute to the strips you might see in the NY times circa 1940 to early 1960.

So a burlesque webcomic with a nice vintage feel to it? Sounds sexy. The pages I’ve seen so far (it’s only starting out, so it’s only a few pages long) seem pretty safe for work… but, you know, it is a comic about burlesque, so at some point I expect tops to be doffed.


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