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The Webcomic Overlook #154: Wayward Sons: Legends

Remember that Tim Burton movie, Alice In Wonderland? You know, the one with a grown-up Alice? The one where Wonderland (or Underland, whatever) got transformed into some sort of Tolkienesque fantasy world? The one where Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter did that stupid dance at the end? Of course you remember it, even if only barely. It was, after all, the 5th highest grossing film of all time.

While there are several factors in play here — the price inflation of 3-D movies being one of them — I think audiences just like new spins on old familiar stories. There’s a reason why there’s a new Little Red Riding Hood movie coming out this year where the wolf is of the were-variety. Because … why the hell not? And, as stupidly “internet random” as it was, there’s a reason why readers embraced Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. It’s fun to mix things you associate with your younger years (classic lit and fairy tales) and mix it with stuff you enjoy today (stupid action movies). It’s the right mix of ironic cheesiness and unironic glee.

Writer Benny Powell (along with penciller Weilin Yang, finisher Youjin Yang, and colorist Kun Song) attempts the very same thing in Wayward Sons: Legends, and …. Wait, is that really the title? Wayward Sons? Oh no. Can’t get tune out of my head. This is bad….

Must… resist… Kansas references….

Phew, that’s over. Anyway, the comic starts off as a sci-fi type story, but eventually it transforms into another fractured fairy tale of the world’s most ancient legends. Which ones, you ask? Well, if you carry on to my review of Wayward Sons, maybe you’ll find peace when you are done.

…. gah!

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