The 2010 Webcomic List Awards are live

The votes are tallied and the pages are completed. So now it’s time, once again, for the Webcomic List Awards. Like the WCCA’s before them, awards are presented in comic format. I won’t spoil everyone’s fun by revealing the winners here. Check out the awards ceremony, come on back here, and feel free to rip into me personally over the winners the same way Ricky Gervais ripped into the Hollywood Foreign Press for nominating The Tourist for Best Motion Picture.


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  1. WhereTF is the love for Oglaf, Gunnerkrigg, and The Meek? Seriously! I get the awards for The Abominable Charles Christopher with it ending this year but man!

  2. xkcd wins best writing?! How?

      • The way the comics were judged was on a sliding scale. If you had 5 comics in your category you gave five points to the comic you liked most and four to your next preference and so on down to one point for your last choice.

        All the judges numbers were put together by the staff and averaged for the winner.

        I judged best writing. Look at the nominees. Five very well written, very clever comics. With the exception of Bug as it’s new and I hadn’t heard of it I read every one of these comics every day they update without fail.

        You may feel some other comics got overlooked but there can be only so many nominees. It’s an awards ceremony. No one is going to agree on everything. That’s part of the fun. This was a VERY hard category to judge.

  3. Are we really gonna get up in arms over who the winners were of “The Webcomic List Awards”?

    Let’s just take them for what they are, and realize that the presentation for “Best Black and White Webcomic” is probably the best thing any of us are going to see all year. 🙂

  4. I could see Red’s Planet being nominated for best new comic… but winning best comic overall? There isn’t even enough of it online to decide! I thought they were just nominating it symbolically! I feel the same about The Meek, but it seems deeper into the story. And what were they smoking when they gave XKCD the best writing award?

    The fact that the best writing and best short form nominees were the same should’ve been seen as a red flag. Knowing El Santo’s taste, they could’ve done with a little bit more rigging.

    …But yes, the black & white presentation was excellent.

    • Well, the judges are listed on the bottom of each page. So I was only the judge for Color Art, Black and White Art, and Longform. While I can’t say that all the comics I voted for in those categories ultimately won, I’ve gotta say I’m OK with the results of those three categories anyway.

      I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to reveal, by the way, by the Best Comic winner is closer than it appears. A three-way tie-breaker system had to be implemented.

  5. Any part of the presentation not an embarrassing “award ceremony” that may be worth looking at?

      • I was thinking more like someone ignoring the “award ceremony” and presenting things in a way that suggests there’re folks with a bit of originality and vision out there who wants to promote webcomics rather than a bunch of fans congratulating each other in the most corny way possible.

        I would greatly enjoy reading that sort of presentation and would think that artist to be awesome.

        • You just described pretty much the mechanics of every award in existence. Just look at the crap that gets nominated for the Nebula. Or the Oscars, for that matter. And with webcomics being free and available, I honestly don’t give much for any sort of award.

        • I kind of take a bit of offense at this statement considering I put a bit of my time into creating an awards ceremony page. And to just have it outright dismissed along with the rest is a bit annoying.

          I agree with you that in themselves the idea of Webcomics awards ceremonies being illustrated comes across as corny. But awards shows in general are quite corny and full of backslapping and such.

          I tried to put a unique spin on my presentation as well as stay within the realms of this is a fake awards show, so keep it tongue and cheek.

          I really felt it would have been more offensive to those involved if I went way outside of the box and innovative as you said. Because then I would’ve IMHO been trying to take the focus off the awards themselves and direct it at me.

          I have a webcomic if I want to be innovative and an outside thinker in terms of creativity. For this I thought it best to play within the rules.

  6. Listen guys- The current method did nothing to make me see why the nominations were worth their nominations back with the old version of the awards and it still doesn’t.

    I had no information about those comics beyond an out of context panel or character shot. No examples of the nomination’s excellence. It makes it look like these comics were nominated just for showing up.

    And while I’m glad Isaiah wanted to go a bit beyond the premise, I still got a better sense of what *his* webcomic is about far more than the nominations. This did not give me any reason or motivation to go check out the comics. Tell me why they’re worthy of an award. Show me, even. Bring my traffic and valuable page views to them

    The ceremony keeps the awards from doing what they should be doing: Lifting up the nominees. And that’s why the ceremony should be dropped the next time around.

    • Hell, a style list would be more effective.

      • While I don’t agree with everything said here, I do see the general point; a lot of the comics actually had nothing to do with what won, beyond a line at the end announcing their victory. There wasn’t any analysis or reviewing or anything, just a few jokes by the person behind each page; the actual awards almost felt like an afterthought. Now, this wouldn’t be a bad thing if, say, there was a paragraph or two, or preferably at least one per nominee, below the comic, or perhaps each judge’s view on the thing; they didn’t even need to change the comics themselves, those could have stayed exactly the same. However, the way it is now, it doesn’t really feel like it’s about the winners at all. They’re just there as an excuse for the comics themselves, it’s like.

        This would have been especially nice, since almost every victory seemed… Odd, to me. Especially Red’s Planet winning overall (and yet it also losing in a category specifically for new comics; this must be a symptom of having a ton of judges all separately judging different categories, despite the interrelations between them). Maybe we’ll get something like this later, but as it is… Well, at least some of the comics themselves were entertaining. I hope this doesn’t come across as too mean, but these things have bothered me a bit as well.

  7. William George… Bug which is a new comic got a link from Cyanide & Happiness BECAUSE the comic was brought to the attention of one of the comics’s creators by the nominations. Do I need to tell you what that did for his traffic/ad revenue?

    This was a small awards ceremony with good intentions from a lot of hard working volunteers. If you have suggestions for making it better then I invite you to PLEASE volunteer to help next year. Instead of standing outside the fence and throwing stones.

    And Yeah Isaiah I take offense at that as well. We worked damn hard on our presentation and tried to entertain while keeping the focus on the nominees. Corey and I aren’t in any of the three comics we work on. There was nothing to be learned about our comics in our presentation unless you followed the link to our site. I thought what we did was quite clever and although it was within the format of an awards presentation it was a lot more dynamic than any real presentation could ever be.

    • Hm. Tell you what. Next year I’ll draw a presentation for you with the intent of doing what I think will work better.

      If it doesn’t work better, fair enough. At least I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

      Note: Offer void if I’m busy escaping from the still erupting Shinmoe-dake at that time.

  8. Congrats! I had web comic awards given as well. Not as good as yours but it did okay.

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