Joe Shuster Awards nominations are in

The news in awards today: the Joe Shuster Awards, recognizing excellence in the field of Canadian sequential art, just announced their nominations for 2011. Along with all the nominations for print comics (Cameron Stewart, Eisner-Award and Shuster-Award winning creator of Sin Titulo, is nominated for Outstanding Comic Book Artist thanks to his Batman & Robin work), there’s always the very competitive category of “Outstanding Web Comics Creator(s) /Créateur(s) Exceptionnel de Bandes Dessinées Web”.

Here are this year’s nominees:

* ATTILA ADORJANY – Metaphysical Neuroma
* KATE BEATON – Hark! A Vagrant
* EMILY CARROLL – His Face All Red, Dream Journals, The Death of José Arcadio, Out the Door, The Hare’s Bride
* KARL KERSCHL – The Abominable Charles Christopher
* DRAZEN KOZJAN – The Happy Undertaker, Friday’s Fables
* SIMON ROY – Dead Lands SIMON ROY & ED BRISSON – Skimming the Till, Catching Up
* SALGOOD SAM (aka Max Douglas) – Dream Life
* CONNOR WILLUMSEN – Everett, Hot Brunette, Batman Comic, Explanation for Sator Stuff

Like pretty much all of you, I have only heard of two of them.

Congratulations to all the nominees. My instinct tell me that Karl Kerschl is taking home an award for the second time (he won in 2010). Though… I’m not discounting a Kate Beaton win, either. It’s been a good year for her, especially with increased publicity thanks to her Strange Tales II contributions.

Winners will be announced at a public ceremony in Calgary, Alberta on the evening of Saturday, June 18th, 2011 at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo which takes place June 17-19, 2011 at the BMO Round-Up Centre.


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  1. At some point, Scott McCloud blogged about Emily Carroll. You should really go check out her comics, especially “His Face All Red.” It’s quite good, in a sort of dark, unsettling way.

  2. We publish the links so people can check them out! Please do and then tell us who you think should win after.

    • Thank you. I will! My apologies if my remarks about predicting the winner sounded facetious. It’s just that the past few winners (Least I Could Do, Sin Titulo, Charles Christopher) all went to rather well known properties.

      • I wish I could predict who the jury would select as each year it’s a different mix of people with different tastes, different expectations and different views.

  3. They’re all SOLID reads. Ed Brisson’s writing is good (if you like noir-crime type stuff), Kerschl is well, fantastic of course. Kate Beaton is the current sweetheart of the webcomics scene, and Emily Carroll’s tales are awesome to read and look at.

    It looks like a banner year for Canadian content.

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