Most deserving WCCA Best/Outstanding Comic winner?

So with the Webcomic List Awards results approaching, I decided to take a look at its immediate predecessor, the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Award (WCCA). Ah, yes, the illustrious institution that gave awards to both Jack and Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. The Awards ran from 2001 through 2008, and gave Best/Outstanding honors to eight different comics. Of these, which do you think was the most deserving?


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  1. Interesting seeing these results, while taking the history of webcomics into consideration. Like with Megatokyo, back in 2002 it was a different beast as was the landscape around it. Heck, many of my old favourites were still new then, or still running strong.

    P.S. Went to Megatokyo for the first time in months to read on the newsblogs that Sarah was diagnosed with a form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a blood cancer of the lymph and immune system.
    That sucks.

  2. Of course:

    With the WCCAs, we weren’t really an “institution that gave awards.” We were just a couple guys asking webcomics creators, “Hey! What’re your three favorite webcomics in all these various categories?” We would then compile the answers, put together a list of the webcomics that got the most nominations, then go back to the creators again and say, “Hey! Which is your favorite comic on each of these lists?” Whichever one the creators gave the most votes to in each category got the award.

    That was the idea, anyway. The only reason we stopped was because with just the three of us, we didn’t have time to compile all the nomination lists by hand and the guys who were building us a web-based system to compile the lists got actual paying jobs before they finished the coding. 🙂

    Mike, the WCCA Registrar

  3. I still think NOWHERE GIRL is one of the best comics ever on the web or in print. Best. Ever.

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