Random Quickies: Scandinavia And The World

Scandinavia And The World (formerly hosted at, created by Danish cartoonist Humon, plays around with a lot of national stereotypes. Finns a bunch of stabby drunks, Icelanders a bunch of fantasy obsessives, Swedes a bunch of overachievers, and Scandinavians in general eat gross rotten fish. But you may also be interested to learn that, though the eyes of this particular cartoonist at least, America is the redneck meat-headed kid of England, Australians are cool surfer dudes, and Canadians have a disturbing amount of body hair (probably safe for work, but… body hair). It’s definitely rather political, though a lot of that is somewhat defused by the overwhelming cuteness (which, when you think of it, isn’t that different from the South Park way).

And, hey, this comic inspired me to make a “Detroit is Finland, Chicago is Sweden” analogy at work to explain why I can never root for a Chicago sports team! Go, globalism!


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  1. Aughhhhh Santo these are the plaaaaague.

  2. Still. underneath that simple cuteness, one can see she can draw quite well.

  3. I found one of these on stumbleupon once. It was making a joke about wikileaks by having Australia steal America’s diary. I didn’t know there were more of these.

  4. I take great offence at finland’s depiction.
    No one I know would ever wear such a ridiculous hat!

  5. As an American who has spent a lot of time in Denmark, I found these cartoons both funny and accurate. They really capture the stereotypes from the region well, even the minor ones about the regions like Scania. I have Danish and Swedish friends who really act that way. The only character that seemed a little off was Finland – my Finnish friends are nothing like that (at least I have not seen them with a knife in hand). Of course, I don’t know that many Finns, so I may just been lucky so far.

  6. I liked the Boston Tea Party bit and that New Zealand is a sheep.

  7. You know, I kept writing this comic off mostly because it has a fanbase of girls that like pictures of men kissing, but it is actually not that bad. Those notes on the bottom of the comic are sometimes better than the actual comic, but it’s still interesting content! Thanks for posting this.

    • That was mt opinion too. I’ve got a few “anime fangirl” friends who seem to live off that sort of thing but skipping over those you get some pretty funny political humor.

  8. When I first saw it, it reminds me a hell lot of Hetalia (manga/anime) because they went after rather similar concept of making a personification of country’s stereotypes (as well as the fact that both fanbases tend to be yaoi fangirls of some degree, although Humon’s boys aren’t as prettified as Hetalia’s). However, the humor has different tone, and I think I like Humon’s one more since Hetalia has yet made me do anything more than occasional smirk while I laugh out loud at Humon’s comics. The fermented shark one still got me every time even when I am depressed as hell.

  9. The one thing that bothers me about these is that Iceland is portrayed as a beautiful, flying fairy with Bono glasses. The Icelandic idea of a good time is to take a car and drive up vertical slopes and across lakes, yet that’s never been mentioned once.

  10. I find the art uses a lot of copy-paste. Its hard for me to like, when I know the art could do much better. :/

  11. Not bad once you get past the weaboo

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