Dresden Codak guest strip by KC Green and friends brings you the sci-fi/comic strip mash up you never knew you wanted

It’s getting to be that every KC Green guest comic is becoming an event. His Skull of Regret strip, for example, was probably one of the best Pictures For Sad Children strips ever (even inspiring some dudes to make a film of it).

And now, along with John Keogh and Emily Vasseur, he brings you pretty much the best Dresden Codak guest comic ever: a world where Battlegarfield Earth and Blondiestar Galactica exist. It’s almost unfair. Putting KC Green in your guest comic roster means that even Zach Weiner and Spike Trotman can’t even hope to compete.


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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