2011 Eisner Nominations are open!

The Eisner Awards — which includes a webcomic/digital comic award that was somehow made legit this year with Sin Titulo‘s win — are open for nominations! And now that Zuda’s gone and kicked the bucket, I’m guessing that means that a new nomination spot has opened up! Jackie Estrada has helpfully included a postscript detailing what, exactly, is a digital comic by Eisner standards:

The best digital comic category is open to any new, professionally produced long-form original comics work posted online in 2010. Webcomics must have a unique domain name or be part of a larger comics community to be considered. The work must be online-exclusive for a significant period prior to being collected in print form. The URL and any necessary access information should be emailed to

So who will the honored nominees be this year? Will it be a short story? A long-running print comic that’s made the leap to digital? As always, the decision is up … to YOU! (Or a coordinated marketing campaign by highly organized parties. It’s all good.)

(h/t Fleen)


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  1. It says “long-form” so would a short story even be allowed?

    • I think they mean “long-form” in the sense, that they really don’t even consider gag a day webcomics.

      • What Isaiah said. For example, 2009 saw three completed short stories get nominated (Speak No Evil, Vs., and The Lady’s Murder). And if you think about it, Steve Purcell’s winner from 2007 was basically a twelve-page Sam & Max short story. However, I don’t ever recall a gag-a-day comic winning … that seems to be more of The Harvey Award’s thing now.

  2. I’d love to see MSPA: Homestuck get nominated, just to see the expression on the face of all the comic book traditionalists. Even by webcomic standards, Homestuck is an (awesome) anomaly.

  3. Hmmmm… I don’t think, by what’s said in Jackie’s quote, that a long running print turned digital would qualify, unless it was new content made specifically for the web and was not available in print. I’m thinking in the vein of the continuing stories of Cowboys vs. Aliens that were only on the web, opposed to the first volume which was printed.

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