Foxtrot does webcomics, Part Three (or everybody does xkcd)

It seems that while Randall Munroe is out taking care of family issues, we currently have a parade of xkcd cartoonists doing guest comics. Earlier, there was a comic done by Questionable Content‘s Jeph Jacques. And now, we have FoxTrot‘s Bill Amend stepping up to the plate.

Now, I understand that Randall Munroe probably didn’t have much time to line up his guest artists, and he probably had a lot more important things on his mind.

Still, these strips are getting quite a bit of attention … and personally speaking, I don’t think they’re very good. These guest artists can’t incorporate any of their own artistic styles into the comic, and thus have to fall back on the writing. And if Munroe is good at anything, he’s at least pretty good at repurposing higher-level physics and mathematics concepts into humor. As they stand, they’re, at best, dumbed down xkcd‘s … and, at worst, cheap knock-off xkcd‘s, and Lord knows the internet is chock full of those already.

I sorta wish that the guest xkcd‘s would have gone one of two avenues:

1.) The guest creators would have been writers who are more familiar with this sort of mathematical based humor. They shouldn’t have to necessarily even be from the comics field. Maybe a funny professor acquaintance of Mr. Munroe’s. Or a funny former co-worker at NASA.

I mean, stick figures. Everyone can draw ’em.

2.) Let the guest artists run free on putting in their own artistic touches. Just like those Dinosaur Comics guest strips. Those can get pretty spectacular.


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  1. You know, I think that David Troupes’ guest comic did a really good job of blending his own style and sense of humor with xkcd. (But being a fan of Buttercup Festival, I can’t say I’m impartial about it 🙂 )

  2. What I like about the “everybody can draw stickfigures” thing is that everyone draws them so differently. Seriously this was a great crossover to see. More!

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