Blade Kitten a cat-astrophe for Krome Studios

Earlier, reader “David” mentioned on my original Blade Kitten post, “You do realize that this title KILLED the studio don’t you? Closed down and already forgotten.” I went to check the Krome Studios wiki entry, and he was right: Krome Studios, Australia’s largest video game developer, ended operations last week, with Blade Kitten (based on the webcomic) being one of the last two titles. (The last title was the video game adaptation of Legend of the Guardians: the Owls of Ga’Hoole. It probably wasn’t a good idea to latch your fortunes onto that underperforming movie, either.)

So did Blade Kitten kill Krome? So far, there hasn’t been a mass outrage over it, though there’s at least one person who seems to think so. The lesson, I suppose, is that if you’re going to be making video games out of webcomics, maybe pick up a property people might have heard of beforehand.


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