Kate Beaton and Kraven…

…are just two great things that go wonderfully together.

These panels and more from your favorite indie comic/webcomic creators can be found in Marvel’s Strange Tales II, available at your nearest fine comic book retailer or where comic books are sold.


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  1. These books are the best things Marvel has put out in years.

  2. I was going to trade wait this second volume but now I am not. All because of Kate Beaton. So Marvel should send her a thank you card for my four bucks. Or five. Or whatever it is this issue will cost…

  3. I Agree. Miss Beaton is worth the whole enchilada!

  4. Not a bad spiderman spoof I dear say. When was this sold? I had lost my whole collection last year and feel hard pressed to even try to rebuild. I had over 700 comics, man!

  5. Wow, this is a really trippy experience for me. I’ve been doing a webcomic called THAT’S SO KRAVEN! for a few months now, and between this and SHATTERED DIMENSIONS I’m feeling a little, well, scooped.

    • There’s an article over at Comics Alliance that Kate Beaton didn’t even know anything about Kraven. The character was actually suggested by fellow Canadian webcomic creator Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics).

      CA: Kraven is not an inherently ridiculous character, but I find his costume to be totally hilarious.

      KB: I drew him, and then I forgot to draw the spots on his pants [laughs] I think I was delirious by the time I was done, and I handed it in, and then he said ‘”You can draw the spots on his pants if you want to.” But I was out of town, so he’s going to show up and there’s no spots on his pants. But the rest of it is great, big lion’s head. I didn’t know anything about him, but I was asking some friends who grew up reading comics, and Ryan North [of Dinosaur Comics] suggested Kraven the Hunter.

      So, if you really want to feel bad, not only did she scoop Kraven out from under your nose, she did it cuz a friend told her to.

  6. Wait, this is actually Marvel? (I was admiring the authentic printed-comic look of the colors, lawl…)

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