A Grab Bag of Delights: What the Webcomic Overlook readers read

Two weeks ago, I asked Webcomic Overlook readers which comics they thought weren’t getting much attention. I was driven, mainly, by laziness. (Or, frankly, not having time due to some trip planning.) But, really, I’d been looking for an excuse to do something like this for a while. There are many, many webcomics out there, which means thousands upon thousands that I will never get to. Thanks to everyone for answering my call and for mentioning several more webcomics that I never knew existed:

The Grumpiverse


Trying Human


Featuring Talking Guinea Pigs



Holiday Wars

Dimes for Nickels

The Left 4 Dead online comic

The Ocarina of Tim

The Cartoon and Quasar


Faraday the Blob


Calamities of Nature

Not Invented Here


Hitmen for Destiny!

Unwinder’s Tall Comics

The Retriever

Flashback Universe

Johnny Wander

Brickworld Saga

Not featured but was recommended: Sam & Fuzzy … because that actually is my next review.

Thanks again to everyone who played along!


About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Looks like I probably should have mentioned my own.

  2. Yah just had ta use da comic I knocked off in two hours, dintjya?

  3. Well then, now that you know I hope you’ll be coming by regularly!
    Toonfully yours,

  4. This should keep me distracted for some time.

  5. never heard of those webcomics before, Now I have some homework to do

  6. Y’know, I really regret not getting in on this. I could have brought up my friend Matt’s webcomic, Tales from Planet Z (which I believe I briefly brought up to you as a minor subject in the email I sent you a while back about possibly reviewing Marilith).

    Also, and I know this is really late, but THANK YOU for reviewing Marilith. I could only get through so much of it before I just stopped and tried to let it fade into the recesses of my memory. I found the whole ‘rape as a backstory’ (and the other extremely dramatic events in that flashback) very awkward/uncomfortable/disconcerting in what was supposed to mainly, from what I could gleam, a simple action/black comedy comic, but there was something so….so….SMUG about the characters. As you pointed out, it was clear that they were supposed to be quirky anti-heroes, but they lacked the presence, charisma, or charm of some other morally dissonant protagonists that I’ve run across.

    I mean, it’s not like a character has to necessarily be a good person to be interesting, even if they are a protagonist. Hell, look at Alex from A Clockwork Orange (specifically, the film version). He’s a horrible sociopath, with a number of heinous crimes under his belt, which he committed with great zeal. Yet, his story of is such an interesting and well-told one, that we actually begin to sympathize with this maniac when he’s getting paid back in kind for his wrongdoings by those he’s wronged. Or hell, look at Alucard from the manga Hellsing. While he may be an enforcing hand for the greater good, he’s still a ruthless, blood-thirsty monster with little regard for any who stand in his way, whether they be monsters just like him, or simply innocents caught in a conflict far beyond their comprehension. But again, due to good characterization and writing, a great air of badassery, and the interest of both his backstory and his interactions with his allies and enemies alike, he is, in my opinion, a very awesome character. Then there are characters like Revy and Balalaika in Black Lagoon, and….well, you get the idea.

    But with the protagonists in Marilith, I feel less inclined to let their shortcomings get past me, because they are NOT WRITTEN VERY WELL. They, to me, are a detestable bunch, who have a very stong air of selfishness, self-righteousness, and again, SMUGNESS to them; and this wouldn’t be nearly as bad if the comic didn’t seem to try to get us to side with them in what they do. One particular scene that irked me was during that whole ‘school shooting’ bit later in the comic, when only the last shooter remains, and after checking to see if he’s an organ donor, Marilith blows his brains out, all while both she and Kimiko are smirking impishly. So, what, am I supposed to take the execution of that unarmed teen with a satisfied nod? I realize that he wasn’t an innocent by any means, but still, there’s just something about that scene that just rubs me the wrong way. Bleck.

    Anyway, sorry about my rambling here. Hope you and the missus are doing well! God bless!

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