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A Grab Bag of Delights: What the Webcomic Overlook readers read

Two weeks ago, I asked Webcomic Overlook readers which comics they thought weren’t getting much attention. I was driven, mainly, by laziness. (Or, frankly, not having time due to some trip planning.) But, really, I’d been looking for an excuse to do something like this for a while. There are many, many webcomics out there, which means thousands upon thousands that I will never get to. Thanks to everyone for answering my call and for mentioning several more webcomics that I never knew existed:

The Grumpiverse


Trying Human


Featuring Talking Guinea Pigs



Holiday Wars

Dimes for Nickels

The Left 4 Dead online comic

The Ocarina of Tim

The Cartoon and Quasar


Faraday the Blob


Calamities of Nature

Not Invented Here


Hitmen for Destiny!

Unwinder’s Tall Comics

The Retriever

Flashback Universe

Johnny Wander

Brickworld Saga

Not featured but was recommended: Sam & Fuzzy … because that actually is my next review.

Thanks again to everyone who played along!

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