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Critics not a-mew-sed by Blade Kitten, the video game based on the webcomic Blade Kitten

Apparently, there’s a webcomic out there by Steve Stamatiadis named Blade Kitten that’s been turned into a video game. That’s fairly impressive, since you don’t see many webcomics translated into other mediums that often. I honestly can’t think of any other webcomic-based video games out there beyond the Penny Arcade game.

However, the reviews aren’t very encouraging. You could say they were a little .. catty. (Cat puns! What fresh level of hell has the Webcomic Overlook stooped to?) IGN and Gamespot both give it a 5/10 (and remember, this is on a scale where 7 is considered a bad grade). was a little more charitable, giving it a B-, and Eurogamer gave it an 8/10, which probably proves that European gamers aren’t sick of anime yet. The latest review comes from the AV Club, which gave it a C+.

Australia-based Krome Studios (of Spyro The Dragon reboots and Ty The Tasmanian Tiger) has developed the webcomic Blade Kitten into an episodic 2-D action-platformer with cel-shaded cotton-candy visuals and gameplay that provides a short-lived sugar rush, but there isn’t enough depth or difficulty to sustain the game past its sixth stage—let alone beyond episode one.

I browsed through the Blade Kitten comic, and on first blush it seems like pretty much the puree of every anime that has ever existed — kitty ears, space setting, and all. Surprisingly, this comic was not co-created by Vinson Ngo, a.k.a. Bleedman.

Attention to video game developers: if you’re going to make a video game out of a webcomic, how about Galaxion? Or Dead Winter? Or The Order of the Stick? I guarantee all of these choices are purr-fect game fodder. (Guh.) On the plus side, you could probably save a ton of cash on graphics for that last one.

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