Metapost: Short break

Well, it’s around that time again: time to take a break. First week of October is a pretty busy one for me in Real Life, so I’m going to take about two weeks off from blogging about webcomics.

In the meantime, post in the comments section a webcomic you think isn’t getting enough attention! I’ll put together a list of the suggestions, Warren Ellis style, when I get back.


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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. I’ve been posing for pictures and making witty wisecracks for far too little attention!

    Come visit me here: The Grumpiverse!

    The Grumpalupagus

  2. I must give a shout out to my favorite webcomic, Terinu which is probably one of the best sci-fi webcomics out there that no one has ever heard of. Beautiful artwork, characterization and a deep, epic storyline.


    Trying human… also sci-fi, I guess! The art has really progressed from what it once was, and the story is just getting good!

  4. Spacetrawler the new-ish sci-fi comic from the creator of “Lil’ Dee” and “Bruno”…

  5. Featuring Talking Guinea Pigs!
    Which is also science fiction, I guess. It’s about talking guinea pigs, as you might guess. Talking guinea pigs in space. Who go to 19th century Russia and cavort with philosophers. I’ve been enjoying it.

    And though I usually don’t like to toot my own horn, I’d appreciate it if you’d look at mine sometime, if only in an unofficial capacity.

  6. Reliquary
    An interesting fantasy story in an unconventional setting. Gorgeous artwork.

  7. Sam & Fuzzy get my vote. It’s interesting to me, just from how it’s developed from a joke-a-strip format, into these huge overarching storylines, and some of the foreshadowing makes me gleeful.

    That and the Ninja Mafia.

  8. I’m a huge fan of HOLIDAY WARS! Its still new (almost 70 episodes) but totally worth checking out.

  9. Or update old reviews of webcomics that have revamped themselves like Dumm Comics and Dresden Codak.

    • I’ve played around with doing that. I did end up updating the “Kate Beaton” entry (into Hark! A Vagrant) since all the links were dead. I suppose it could be done: Websnark was all about tracking the titles he loved and commenting on the changes that occurred over time. Plus, my opinions on a lot of my early reviews have changed over time. I imagine some of the comics I gave low ratings might get higher ratings, and vice versa. I’m no robot.

      However, new webcomics pop up every day. Revisiting older reviews means time taken away from reading and writing about the new ones. Don’t forget, reviewing is one part reading, one part putting them into words. That takes me about a week to do on average. Also, one of my greatest joys with writing this blog is finding new and exciting attempts. I think that by retreading, I would end up for the most part covering the same ground that I had already tread, if that makes any sense.

      Roger Ebert once made a mention that some of his older reviews were a product of an earlier time, and if he were to write about a certain movie today, his review would come out totally different. (I can’t track the blog post, but it was when he was asked about some movies that he’d given an average rating, and yet he now recognizes as classics.) Still, he felt it was wrong to re-write the review, since they were honest at the time they were written. I’m sort of approaching my reviews from the same standpoint.

      Plus, it’s less work-intensive. 🙂

  10. When you get back you should comment on the four chapter web comic by valve about the characters from their game Left 4 Dead. Parts 1-3 are out already and chapter four comes in October. They’ve done comics for Team Fortress 2 before but this one has a bit more to it.

  11. Mine isn’t. Although, I’m not even sure I’m a webcomic.

    Also, more importantly, this one:

    Kisses and hugs, I love what you do.

  12. I don’t read webcomics.

  13. We (h2yk are two author/artists) would be most humbled if anyone would take a look at our in-progress parody webcomic Legend of Zelda, Ocaraina of Tim.

  14. I really enjoy Archipelago:
    I’m not sure if this is a guilty pleasure or not. The plot is very cliche, and most of the characters I’m kinda ‘meh’ towards (though now that I think about it, they do all stand out at least). But the art is purdy and has improved by leaps and bounds since the start of the comic. And the world is really well built – there’s little details folded in everywhere and occasionally the artist leaves notes under the comic explaining some aspect of the world in more detail. I guess I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.

  15. Some comics I’d like to see reviewed:

    Faraday the Blob
    Calamities of Nature
    Not Invented Here

  16. Hitmen for Destiny!
    Unwinder’s Tall Comics

  17. Hey everyone. while Webcomic Overlook is on holiday you should check out my (very) new cartoon site
    Feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  18. I always enjoy THE RETRIEVER:


    Why not come and take a look at the webcomics we produce at FLASHBACK UNIVERSE:

  19. Have you read Johnny Wander ( One of the few bearable journal webcomics in my humble opinion. I have more suggestions but you tend to review comics I’ve never heard of, which I greatly appreciate, so I’ll keep quiet.

  20. Oh dear, I’m late to the party and you’ve already done a roundup of this, but what the heck not.
    Although the art’s not polished and the storylines border on the corny when they aren’t swimming in it, I do love Khaos Komix ( for its look at gay, lesbian, and transgender issues and a large cast of characters that are diverse, but all likeable.

    Speaking of adorable lesbians, Kris Dresden wins that genre (

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