How much money can you make doing webcomics?

If you’re Dorothy Gambrell of Cat & Girl ( places the readership at a respectable 50K, which was up considerably from previous months), roughly $10,000 for six months ($20,000 for the year according to Sean Kleefeld.) That’s income only, and doesn’t count expenses.

From Brigid Alverson:

In one way, Gambrell is living the stereotype: Her biggest source of income in most months is T-shirt sales, although she sold a lot of books in August. Freelance work also gives her a boost. The bottom line: So far this year, she has taken in $10,087.56 from her comic, a respectable second income but not enough to live on. And that isn’t her net—she has yet to deduct taxes, PayPal fees, and other expenses.

Not enough to quit the day job. Here’s Wikipedia’s list, by the way, of “self-sufficient webcomics“, i.e. ones that the creator can live off of.


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  1. It’s a good thing that I love doing comics just because I do and not for the money. LOL But money would make it easier to immerse myself in my art 🙂 Instead of working for someone else all of the time in order to buy some free time to draw.

  2. I can second that sentiment. I would love to update my comic more than once a week, but school, work and other obligations keep the schedule fairly snail-y.

  3. If I recall correctly from scoping out her “how much I make” thing just a few days ago, that figure is after income tax, so she has taken out at least some already. She’s also ridiculously frugal, at least as based on her Donation Derby comics. Still hard to imagine she can live on that much a year in NYC, but what do I know?

  4. nnnnnnnghhhhhwellnobodysaiditwasgoingtobeeasy…

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