The Joy of Webcomics: There were conventions this weekend? Football weekend?

Guess quite a few webcomic related things happened this weekend that I totally failed to talk about! My apologies for not posting updates on them. In my defense: it’s football season. Go Seahawks! (Boo, 49ers!)

Anyway, a few things on the two major conventions (plus some other points of interest):

  • Geekdad over at Wired magazine provided an overview of Intervention, “A con that talks about web comics and how to create them.” ComixTalk was there, providing a few pictures and whatnot.
  • Also this weekend was the more publicized SPX. Xaviar Xerexes (ComixTalk again) conducted quite a few interviews there, including that of Shi Long Pang‘s Ben Costa (reviewed here). Also at the scene: The Beat’s Heidi MacDonald, who calls SPX “the summer camp of comics.”
  • Meanwhile, Johanna Draper Carlson revisits a favorite writer of hers: Teri Sue Wood (Wandering Star). She discovers that she’s now writing a webcomic called Yet Untitled, set near my neck of the woods in the now globally recognized town of Forks, WA.
  • Now for the press release portion of this update. Daniel Potter of Walking The Lethe sent me the following:

    Fallen Kitten Productions is proud announce that we are now taking Preorders for Walking the Lethe’s first graphic’s novel. Walking the Lethe Volume #1 encompasses the first four chapters of Richard Harrison journey to win back his wife from her untimely death. He will scour the afterlife until he finds her and will break down the heavenly gates if that’s what it takes. This first volume takes him from his home in Boston Mass, through the shadowscape and into America’s mountains of faith, the ghosts of the Twin Towers. All the while, Angels and Demons battle over the fate of his journey.

    Walking the Lethe is a webcomic that updates twice a week at The first two chapters are painted by Sam Ireland and the second half of the book is illustrated by Aditia Wardhana. We’re midway through the 3rd chapter and thanks to the miracle of a six month buffer, these books will be printed and in the hands of readers BEFORE the completion of chapter 4 on our website in December.

    The Webcomic Overlook does plan on reviewing this comic (and I’d planned on tackling it in time for Sept. 11, but alas, football season), so watch this space for my take on what, at first glance, looks to be a visually inventive comic.

  • Finally, for fans of the Sunday funny parody Weapon Brown (reviewed here), the intro you’ve been waiting for. Weapon Brown readers know that Jason Yungbluth had yet to introduce Brown’s greatest rival, a deadly warrior named Calv1n (which is a reference to … well, it’s obvious, isn’t it?) The last few pages have followed the tried and true narrative device of obscuring the rival’s face until that perfect moment of the big reveal. Well, that moment is now. This reveal is especially awesome if you’re a fan of comic strips, Bill Watterson, trademark infringement, and the rivalry between Fords or Chevys.

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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Actually, the webcomic by Wood I was recommending about Forks is called “Yet Untitled”. “Wandering Star” is her earlier work that she will be reprinting online later this year. Thanks for the links!

  2. You looks like you had allot on your plate.So missing some things are okay.

    • Actually, I think I spent half my Saturday playing Mass Effect 2 a second time (whoo Shadow Broker expansion mission!) and then the next two days vegging out in front of the TV following Week 1 NFL games… so I think I was more wasting my time on other pursuits than actually accomplishing anything. 🙂 Should be back in my groove this week or the next, probably.

  3. Yay! Intervention! Thanks for mentioning us! 😀

  4. “A con that talks about web comics and how to create them.”

    Three days for “Draw it, stick it on the internet”?

    Snake oil for geeks.

  5. Something you might want to check out is the series of webcomics Valve has been working on for their games. They made a Team Fortress comic last winter to go with an update to the game, but they just released a comic about the original characters from Left 4 Dead. The first part of four segments is up right now.

  6. For your information, there was a ComicCon in Montreal last weekend, a small-scale event by any means. One of the organizers was expecting 7-10k visitors, and readily acknowledged that the English-French gap in comic interests (American v. European) was something they’d need to bridge if they were to be successful.

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