Videogame webcomic supremacy?

Philip J. Fry, Harry Knowles, Sarah Rue, Dr. Robotnik, and that guy from PvP

Man, getting tired of all the videogame webcomics getting press on this site? Well, get tired a little longer! Now that Scott Kurtz (PvP) has hung his hat in my hometown of Seattle, Washington, it looks like he’s game for more collaborations with his Jet City-based Penny Arcade pals Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. Like the all new webcomic, The Trenches. Things haven’t started up yet, but Kurtz has a short blurb up on his site:

…Mike, Jerry and I announced a new project today. It’s called The Trenches and it’s a brand new webcomic that we’re collaborating on.

You see, a couple months ago, I got called into Mike and Jerry’s office. Robert was in there too and they wanted to talk to me about something. That can be good or bad, but this time it was good. Awesome even. A new comic strip about video game testers that they wanted me to help write and draw. Working together on something brand new, from the ground up.

So there you go. Videogame webcomics don’t die. They just sorta evolve… or at least merge like two amoebas.

I imagine that this is a way for the guys to get back to their roots, since Kurtz has mentioned that PvP is not really about video games anymore and Penny Arcade doesn’t really have a plot narrative or anything. But it makes you wonder: do these guys have anything left to say that hasn’t been said in over a decade of writing their own comics?

(h/t Comixtalk)


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  1. If the sound of my snoring wakes anyone up, just turn me on my side.

  2. Boooooooooring.

  3. I’m actually excited about this. I LIKE scott kurtz. And he and the P&A guys are really good friends so… I’m sure they’d work well together.

    This’ll either be a huge fail or a huge awesome.

  4. Ok. I’m not gonna dis gamer comics because it’s genre for webcomics and to that extent it’s legit (as is this blog post). And “Trenches” pedigree is certainly loftier than most in the field. And I’m a reader of both Penny-Arcade and PvpOnline. BUT, if you guys don’t think this is very cool, just wait a month or two – Kurtz has had a few incidents of dropping out of stuff and then popping back in seemingly on a whim. I don’t want to come down to hard – I like him; and it does seem to help when he has other people to prod him along (ala Kris Straub for the Blamimations series). So with Tycho and Gabe as taskmasters maybe this thing has a shot.

  5. I do not like there current work and now they working together >> how… wow, there is not even a bad joke there ><

  6. I think both Penny Arcade and PVP could use a freshness update, so maybe this is it! PA is really good about actually being about video games and off-the-wall humor, but they almost never do their more narrative-based comics in a way that I find satisfying, and PVP is at its best when exploring the characters in plot arc-fashion. I think this is a really good idea and I hope it works out.

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