Metapost: Uggos get out

It seems that my Webcomics Are Sexy 2 post stirred a little controversy. Namely with reader algeya, who does Pilli Adventure. Here’s the response I got to some unflattering things I said about her gorgon character, Mona:

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  1. Is her friend some kind of bean bag doll?

  2. I see that some of the grey things floating around them are leaves, but the ones on the left… are those butterflies? Moths?

    Flying in formation? It looks like their wings are all positioned the same, like they’re flapping to the same rhythm. How do you train butterflies to fly in formation?

    Is there a tiny grey butterfly-tamer just off-panel with a chair and a whip? Is there a flaming ring these butterflies flutter through?

    This drawing raises more questions than it answers…

  3. Awesome, really awesome!! GRADS!!!

  4. It´s a webcomic with creatures and objects based on mexican folklore and mesoamerican mythology.
    The gorgon would be out of place in this setting but she is cute 🙂

    • Its the main characters best friend, but not really outta place in this comic since the comic talks about euro monsters a bit and seems that the mexican and euros seem to not like each other

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