Webcomics Are Sexy 2: The Sexyning

Looking back at my previous Webcomics Are Sexy piece, I noticed two of the four examples were boob-related. Ooh, a bold statement: webcomics where girls have big boobs are sexy. Clearly, webcomic sexiness can be so much more. Webcomics are about stretching the boundaries, going to new frontiers of sexiness more fantastic than what we’ve seen before. So what do webcomics find sexy? Let’s find out… again.

1.) Medusas

If you’ve ever wondered where we should go after sexualizing vampires and werewolves, the obvious answer is: medusas. (Or gorgons. Whatever. Shut up, you folklore mythology majors.) Enter Tressed. The above example from the first page is all you need to know about Tressed, really, which spends every other page devising unlikely situations to get its three female leads either half-naked (NSFW) or fully naked (NSFW).

2.) Orcs

Man, even Legolas from Elspeth knows, once you go orc you can never go … uh … elf? Help me out here, people. Anyway, orcs? Totally sexy.

3.) Sexy Park Rangers (who are actually bears)

If Frank Cho’s Liberty Meadows taught us anything, it’s that big bosomed forestry ladies are drop dead sexy. So how to top that? Well, in the case of Babe in the Woods, it’s including a big bosomed forestry ladythat’s actually a bear in disguise! She’s not the only one, either. The comic also includes a big bosomed forestry lady that’s actually a giant bunny. Curse them anthropomorphic critters … puttin’ on disguises and stealing our menfolk. For example…

4.) Cute girls (who are actually pugs)

Because pugs are the sexiest breed of dogs. And just to make things even sexier, our gal was transformed by a Toilet Genie, the sexiest genies of all.

Yeah, I probably should stay away from the internet for a while.


About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Interesting list so far. If you continued down this road, I could see this getting really, really freaky. I mean, webcomics are kinda infamous for featuring some very outlandish fetishes. Here are some suggestions for some of the stranger fetishes out there:

    1.) The whole webcomic transgender thing (no nudity, but probably still NSFW).*

    2.) Furries who shave their entire bodies so that they’re not actually furry anymore (probably safe for work, but your employer might look at you funny).

    3.) Vores. Be warned, this link is NSFW. Also, be warned that I chose this page because it illustrates Voraphilia in a manner which is only moderately disturbing. Several pages later, it gets really really disturbing. I do not recommend reading this comic any further. I repeat, NSFW.

    4.) A little boy transforming into a giant, obese kangaroo, then having a dragon ride around in his pouch for prolonged periods of time… and… what… I don’t understand… Not safe for sanity…

    In retrospect, I should probably apologize for posting any of those links on an otherwise reputable website. Oh well. Keep up the good work, el Santo!

    *I’m trying to draw a distinction between real world transgendered people, and a lot of the webcomics that feature gender transformations. The former is about trying to change your body to reflect who you are on the inside, whereas a lot of the webcomics seem to concentrate on the transformation itself.

    • Heh, yeah, I try to keep the list PG-13, because it’s supposed to be more fun than obscene. That said, I almost ended this list with a comic where Princess Peach is transformed into a subservient ball. Fortunately, I must’ve deleted the link to that comic a long time ago. That doesn’t mean that it won’t show up on, say, Webcomics Are Sexy 3: Too S3xy.

  2. Sorry but
    for years Ive been doing gorgons stories
    by the way I like your mini reviews a lot

    • Your character bio for Mona says, “Ugly as hell.” Close call, since the pictures seem to contradict it, but the judge seems to be ruling that it’s grounds for disqualification from the sexiness sweepstakes. 😉

  3. The part that really confuses me is how you can basically show everything BUT those few spots, and somehow you’re A-OK.. but heaven forbid actual exposure occur, even in a non-sexual setting..
    Anime lately has gotten to the point of actual -copulation- occurring, but everyone’s favorite parts are still covered up… so no worries, angry rolling-pin-wielding moms!

  4. Because they want you to buy the uncut dvd version, everything you cannot see on teeve

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