The Webcomic Overlook — 3 Years Young!

On this day three years ago, the Webcomic Overlook post its very first review and never looked back.

I really hadn’t expected this blog to last this long. Whenever anyone asks me why I started the blog, I tell them: “Well, people were really interested in my webcomic articles, so I decided to keep reviewing them.” That’s actually the most truthful answer. I love writing reviews — even had a stint writing reviews for anime at another site — and if David Morgan-Mar hadn’t linked his site to my Irregular Webcomic! review, I probably would never have considered spinning the Webcomic Overlook into its own blog.

That’s not necessarily the whole truth, though.

The truth is that I am a huge comic geek. I’ve read comics ever since I was a kid and was enraptured by a hardbound Mickey Mouse adventure in the library (which I checked out many, many times). And then later, my love for comics was rekindled when, for 25 cents, I picked up an early copy of Excalibur (written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Alan Davis) as the cheap bin in a remote outlet store. (There may have been some Radio Shack Whiz Kids and Captain America dental care freebie comics in between.) From there, it was a decade of collecting everything Marvel, DC, and Image … a habit that’s abated somewhat but one that I’ve never really ever kicked.

So, in a way, webcomics were more than a natural fit.

What surprised me so far, though, is that I haven’t tired of them. There was an anecdote about George Steinbrenner passed around the time of his death about how, after he’d bought the Yankees, he mentioned that he’d take a hands-off approach to team management. Decades later, and now he’s the most legendary, hands-on owner of all time. I’d like to think the same thing happened to me with this blog — initially started as a bit of a writing exercise and developing into a full-blown obsession.

I love the crazy mix of wild ideas. I love the variety of styles, concepts, and backgrounds. I love the interaction with the fans. I love the burgeoning online communities that introduce new comics every day.

And I love writing about them.

So as long as I’m finding interesting new webcomics out there in the World Wide Web to talk about, I’ll keep writing the Webcomic Overlook. Heck, this site has already outlasted John Solomon’s Your Webcomic Is Bad and You Should Feel bad blog, Websnark, and Zuda Comics. I think I can keep going a while longer. It’s too much fun.

Contrary to why my tagline says, writing webcomic reviews? It’s not serious business.

Top Five Read Reviews over the past year:

  1. Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi (2 stars)
  2. Better Days (1 star)
  3. Grim Tales From Down Below (1 star)
  4. Las Lindas (1 star)
  5. Jack (1 star)

Hmmm. Why do I even bother writing positive reviews again?

Some stats

Not bad! So far, The Webcomic Overlook has averaged around 1,400 page view a day in 2010, which is a pretty nice jump from 2007 when the average daily pageview was more around 100. Thanks to all the loyal Webcomic Overlook readers out there. I seriously wouldn’t be doing this blog without you all.


About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Congratulations man on filling the Websnark shaped hole in my internet life…

  2. ha! It’s the low star ones with obsessive fans that are the top read. Or the top loaded, as I don’t think half the people were going there to actually read the review.

  3. congrats, El Santo!

  4. I prefer good reviews… leads me to new webcomics!

    • Uh oh! You might not like my next one. It is … a negative review that some readers might think was a long time coming.

      • I should clarify– I /prefer/ good reviews, but the world would be a lot less funny without your negative ones…

        And I’d have a lot less chances to go “God FINALLY someone is saying how terrible this is besides me!!! THANK YOU!”

  5. We’re all glad you stick around to keep plugging out new reviews. People come, people go but a reasonable voice is always heard over time.

    Uh, is it abnormal that half the websites I visit randomnly have a luchadore picture on them? Is this some kind of marketing scheme? =)

    • Thanks, delos!

      And, man, I was into luchadores before it was cool. Now that it’s mainstream, looks like I’m going to have to go for the next hot thing: Japanese wrestlers who spit green liquid in their opponents faces. Cuz I’m cutting edge like that.

  6. Congrats on three years of stickin’ to it! As a webcomic creator, I’m eternally grateful to have a reliable place to visit for smart, funny reviews.

    Good… bad… you’re the guy with the stars.

  7. Looks like I was late to the party. Still, congrats on three wonderful years.

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