One Punch Reviews #30: The Intrepid Girlbot

Despite my gruff and incredibly manly exterior, the Webcomic Overlook is, in reality, a big softie. I am big on cute. I get weak at the knees over kittens and puppies. This may be why I am a sucker for Diana Nock’s adorable webcomic with the unbelievably precious title, The Intrepid Girlbot.

The title says it all. The comic stars a girl robot, “Girlbot,” who is quite intrepid. She’s also kind of naive. Being a robot, Girlbot has no concept of either her own strength or how fragile organic life is. She love nature, but she’s clumsy and she ends up wrecking up the wilderness by accident. Does she feel remorse? Probably, but it’s hard to tell from her permanently unemotional face. The comic also stars an unwilling cyborg raccoon, one of Girlbot’s unlucky “victims,” who’s not quite as happy-go-lucky as our heroine.

There’s no dialogue in The Intrepid Girlbot, but that never put a good robot down! Nock seems to be taking a lot of cues from the similarly silent Wall-E, where the art of the visual gag was reborn and perfected. There’s a lot of humor from watching everyday activities reinterpreted through the eyes of a robot. Plus the nearly indestructible nature of our cybernetic friends means that every day is Looney Tunes day. For those with a keen eye, Ms. Nock fills in some humorous details in the margins.

But while The Intrepid Girlbot is very light on plot and is all about how cute its title character is, there are times when the story gets creepy and a little sad. The comic dwells on the curse of loneliness that visits both our girl robot and our robot raccoon.

Not much has happened since the first strip debuted a little over a year ago. But, you know, the same issues with pacing can be made about the highly acclaimed The Abominable Charles Christopher (reviewed here). Come to think of it, the two comics are very similar. Mute hero/heroine, expressive animals rendered in realistic detail, a serious undercurrent that never subverts the silly visual slapstick. Hmmmm… do I smell the next superstar webcomic crossover?

Final Grade: 5 stars (our of 5).


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