My Cage homages the webcomics

So what do My Cage creators and former Zuda contestants Melissa DeJesus and Ed Powers have on their minds? Other than Aerosmith and Run DMC. Webcomics, of course. They drew the following strip (EDIT: featured in the Sunday, July 18, edition in the funny pages of a newspaper near you) to help calm the sometimes turbulent waters between print cartoonists and their web counterparts. From their blog (which also lists the characters and URLs to the webcomics referenced in the strip):

Well, it’s because after years of debate between web and syndicated cartoonists, we thought we’d do like our friends Run DMC and Aerosmith in the classic video for ‘Walk this Way’.

Really? Well, maybe not. But that ‘rap and rock’ analogy would make Scot Kurtz kinda like ‘Fresh Prince’ and that comparison makes me happy.

Personally, I would’ve gone with Snoop Dogg’s tribute to Johnny Cash in “My Medicine” (ft. Willie Nelson), but the Aerosmith/Run DMC analogy works too.


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  1. I’m just upset that DickButt, international webcomic icon, was snubbed for the likes of “Teenage Girl President from the AWESOME ‘Medium Large’: I don’t even know what that is? For shame, my cage, for shame.

    • I’m guessing that the My Cage guys would’ve had a bit of a problem explaining Dick Butt explaining that character to King Features Syndicates. (I guess I should’ve mentioned that this panel was featured in local papers.)

      • Being published doesn’t mean they should out right ignore the touchstone web comics of our generation! Where is the evil queen from Ooglaf? Or the Sexy Losers? Even the beloved characters of Las Lindas are ignored? If that’s not wholesome, quality family entertainment, I don’t know what is.

  2. Well. That’s… nice of them.

  3. Interesting that at least four of the webcomics characters have ties to regular print comics. Girl Genius started in print, PvP has a print version (or did) published by Image, Diesel Sweeties had a syndicated newspaper version for awhile and Medium Large’s creator is also the writer on Sally Forth…

  4. “We’re all the same”

    Yeah, that’s the problem.

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