DC enters the world of online comics on the iPad

Robot 6 and Comics Beat are all over DC’s new app on the iPad/iPhone. (And, in one case, the PSP… holy crap, that thing still exists?) Not actually owning an iPad, I can’t say that this news affects me much (though I think I will download this for my iPod Touch tonight when I get the chance).

Notably, at least as long as this site is concerned, the app offers a few free comics — Batman Black and White, Superman #700 … and the Eisner-nominated Bayou, which I reviewed here and was my personal favorite of the nominees.

I (and others) have railed at the clunkiness of Zuda’s online Flash interface. Quote from Comics Beat: “Bonus: Now we can finally read Zuda comics without that horrible Flash interface, since Flash is to Apple mobile devices what garlic is to vampires.” I wonder, though … does Zuda play better through the iPad/iPhone app? Will the DC Comics app prove to be Zuda’s true home?


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  1. The last Zuda entry I bothered to look at was High Moon. I couldn’t take the clunky flash app they used for displaying their comics. It’s really too bad since there’s some good entries. I just can’t stand the mechanism they’re delivered with.

    With this app I’ll have more of an inclination to read the entries instead of bypassing a number of these talented artist’s work. The iPad has opened up a number of doors for comics enthusiasts, and maybe now they’ll see a marked increase in popularity through digital means.

  2. I can’t wait to see the rest of Zuda up on the iPhone/iPad/iPod. Seems there are some technical difficulties for older versions of the hardware, so you might get some crashing on your iPod touch (I had the same problem with the DC app on my iPhone 3, but the general Comixology app worked fine — guess they want ya to upgrade to OS 4).

    Bayou looks great on the iPhone, and it’s fun to read (well, as fun as a harrowing story like that CAN be) due to the Comixology interface.

    Fingers crossed on the rest of the Zuda line (including our recently launched endeavor, IN MAPS & LEGENDS).

    Thanks for the articles!

    • I agree. I downloaded the DC Comics app last night, picked up Bayou, and I agree — it does look great. Sure, the screen’s tiny, but the auto crop-and-zoom functions worked pretty nicely. I can only see more readers for Zuda with this app, since the biggest hurdle seems to be that Flash interface. I hear there are some bugs, but I haven’t run into any … yet.

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